IRS Whistleblower Confirms They Knew Hunter’s Laptop Was Real Back in 2019

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During a May 26th House Ways and Means Committee, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower Gary Shapley testified to the knowledge of the IRS of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the potential contents on it. This kind of testimony is something the American people have needed to hear and also gives clarifications as to the way the Biden family and leftists pulled strings to get President Biden elected without extra issues.

“In October 2019, the FBI became aware that a repair shop had a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden and that the laptop might contain evidence of a crime. The FBI verified its authenticity in November of 2019 by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID.”

Shapley’s testimony fully supports the story told by Twitter Files reporter Michael Shellenberger when he appeared on Fox News back in December 2022. Speaking with then-host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, he confirmed that the FBI knew about the laptop and could confirm its authenticity.

Despite this knowledge, they told social media sites to label it as “misinformation” that was coming from hostile countries as the 2020 election was getting heated up. When Twitter execs chose to ban the New York Post’s story about the laptop, there were records of them discussing the topic at length with FBI officials.

Former Twitter integrity chief Yoel Roth informed the Federal Elections Commission that he and FBI officials were in a meeting about the laptop. Then they claimed Hunter Biden might be nothing more than the target of an operation to plant falsities and then release the planted files. As it was Hunter Biden was already under investigation by the IRS at this point for his alleged involvement with pornography overseas.

Once the FBI verified the laptop, they then informed the IRS about their potential evidence of tax crimes on the hard drive. This damning evidence is something the left has done everything it can to suppress, lie about, and hide the evidence of this laptop and what is on it.

Back in April, Shapley first contacted Congress via his lawyer. In his initial allegations, he informed Congress that law enforcement officials were doing their best to slow-walk the Hunter Biden investigation.

He and another whistleblower contradicted the Congressional testimony of both Attorney General Merrick Garland and IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. These two chose to tell Congress that not only was Hunter not receiving special treatment but that whistleblowers would be fully protected.

This isn’t what the American people or federal employees should be expecting from their leaders and especially from a sitting president. While there is a certain level of “understanding” that is often given to the decisions made by the family members of people in politics, this goes beyond an understanding.

Instead, this is the federal government giving one man and his whole crew of flunkies the ability to manipulate, lie to, and confuse the American people at every turn. Years of longstanding deception by Joe Biden and his family, as they take care of themselves and leave everyone else behind, has cost the country dearly. From his start as a Senator through his time as Vice President and now as President, the man has done nothing but take advantage of his position. He has run everything through those closest to him, all while getting his cut at every turn.

Knowing that this damning evidence existed for years, lying about it, and then profiting off those lies is not something that should have ever happened. The American people expect and deserve better from their leaders, yet the left keeps on not delivering on their promises and sending the American people down the river. Yet they still vote for them based on their deception and games about conservatives and our policies.

Perhaps it’s time for our conservative laptop. Then again, it’s all but certain the mainstream media and liberals would never let that slide.