Hunter Biden’s Surprising Support from His Baby’s Mama / /

Hunter Biden is receiving support from a most unlikely source. Lunden Roberts, mother to Hunter’s four-year-old daughter Navy Roberts, denies that Hunter is a “deadbeat dad.” 

It’s a surprising turn of events, considering that Hunter refused to pay a different kind of support to Roberts and fought to have his child-support payments lowered during a widely publicized court battle in June 2023. 

Hunter settled the child support case in an Arkansas state court. The settlement included ongoing child support payments of $20,000 per month, reimbursement for health insurance costs, and the transfer of multiple “Hunter Biden Original” paintings with sales proceeds directed to Roberts.  

The settlement resolves the dispute that arose after Biden sought to lower his child support payments in 2020. Additionally, the order reveals that Roberts abandoned her attempt to give the child Biden’s last name after Hunter cited concerns over political backlash. 

Of course, Hunter’s “paintings” are not worth the price of the canvas they are splashed across, and Navy is far too young to leverage a painting purchase for a high-profile government job. It also seems that Navy will be the only one who doesn’t benefit from the “Biden name brand,” presumably because she isn’t wealthy enough to be helpful to the Biden family. 

Recently, Roberts took to The Daily Mail to pen an op-ed about the man who loves “his children and people in general.” She acknowledges the difficulties she has experienced in getting Hunter to shoulder his share of responsibility, but adds, “That’s precisely why I’ve decided to speak out.” 

Roberts reached far back in her memory banks to recount an interaction between Hunter and a homeless boy. Roberts claimed that Hunter took off his jacket and gave it to the boy because it was snowing. Hunter returned to his hotel wearing a tee shirt and shivering in the cold. 

It’s unclear if the boy found any cocaine or classified Joe Biden documents in the jacket’s pockets, and equally unclear why Hunter didn’t do a little more to help the kid other than hand him a jacket and head back for dinner. 

Roberts’ memory seems to be superior to Hunter’s. Hunter initially claimed he had no recollection of any encounters with Roberts, whom he met during the height of his drug addiction. But a 2020 DNA test confirmed that Hunter’s interactions with Roberts were far different than his brief encounter with the homeless boy. 

Acknowledging Hunter Biden’s well-documented struggle with substance abuse disorder, Roberts highlights the fallout from his political opponents’ use of his addiction against him. In her op-ed, she empathizes with the scrutiny he faces in the public eye, noting that the hurtful things written about her are nothing compared to the portrayal of Hunter. Expressing concern for their daughter’s future, Roberts shares her reluctance to contribute to the negative narratives surrounding Hunter’s recovery journey. 

Roberts laments the emotional toll on her daughter once she is old enough to browse the collection of Hunter’s various photos and stories online. 

“I have no desire to add to that. What kind of mom would want to pour more fuel on this fire?” Roberts pondered. ”I’ve seen what addiction can do to people, and I think it’s cruel that Hunter has had to go through recovery with a target on his back.” 

Roberts said that Navy is “proud” of Hunter, not because of the Biden brand, but because he is her dad. It’s uncertain if Hunter is trying to figure out how to manipulate laundered money through Navy’s bank accounts. 

Roberts steers clear of the murky depths of President Joe Biden and his wife Jill’s refusal to acknowledge Navy as a grandchild. In July of 2023, Biden was forced to admit Navy’s existence due to escalating pressures by the public to do so. “Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in their daughter’s best interests, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward.” Previously, Biden noted only six grandchildren, conveniently leaving Navy out of the picture. 

Hunter’s journey from absentee dad-in-denial to “best daddy in the world” tee shirt status comes amid his ongoing legal battles. It’s still unlikely that Roberts and Navy will be celebrating Christmas at the White House, even though he is now cleared from charges of being a “deadbeat dad.”