Guns are Blazing After Black Friday Deals

Magi Bagi /
Magi Bagi /

There are always deals to be had on Black Friday. Most people are buying massive TVs or crockpots or Christmas pajamas with those deals. However, we’re dealing with the Biden administration where Americans’ needs are put second or third – and the bumbling president may land us in one war or another.

There’s record immigration at the southern border, and more crimes are occurring in every major city because of that.

Combine all of that with how liberal cities are getting rid of police officers or protecting the criminals that are arrested and there’s a significant amount of unease.

Black Friday didn’t let us down – many stores had guns for sale.

In true American fashion, Americans bought those guns. After all, we have the right to bear arms, and if we can do so by saving money, then it’s GO TIME!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) said that guns were purchased in droves throughout the holiday weekend.

The FBI’s criminal background check system completed over 680,000 checks for the week that ended Black Friday – and 214,000 of them were on the Black Friday shopping day itself.

That’s a lot of guns, but it actually wasn’t as many as 2022. Probably because of Bidenomics.

What this tells us is that people are still eager to defend themselves.

As the President and CEO of NSSF, Joe Bartozzi, said, “These figures tell us that there is a continued strong appetite for lawful firearm ownership by law-abiding Americans and that firearm manufacturers across the country continue to deliver the quality firearms our customers have come to expect.”

Since the Biden administration has proven time and again that they’re not willing to put Americans first, Americans have chosen to focus on defending themselves.

The Black Friday gun sales prove this better than any other statistic we can look at right now.