Great… Illegal Aliens Bring Fatal Fungus Infection Outbreak to America

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Monika23 /

Some of us have been warning for years that our open southern border is eventually going to bring a major fatal outbreak to America. You simply cannot allow millions of invaders to carry their weird jungle diseases into your country and expect that everything will be fine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now warning that a fungal infection with a 60% fatality rate has “somehow” ended up in America. (What could have caused this!)

Candida auris is a disgusting yeast infection that grows in the human ear once you come in contact with it. It kills 60% of the people who catch it.

The good news for Americans, up until about 11 seconds ago, is that candida auris is not native to the United States. It only comes from a handful of countries around the world. These are Japan, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Venezuela.

We can probably rule out the Japanese on this one since they’re very law-abiding people and only immigrate to America legally, if at all. Indians, Pakistanis, South Africans, and especially Venezuelans, however, have been pouring across Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border by the millions.

The first confirmed case showed up at a hospital in Washington State, and the CDC warns that it has been spreading from there. The problem with candida auris is that US health officials and pharmaceutical companies haven’t paid much attention to it since its first discovery in 2009.

Why would they? It’s never been a problem in the US before Joe Biden threw the borders open. Because of this, candida auris is extremely resistant to all the normal antifungal drugs that have been developed. That’s why it has a 60% fatality rate.

So… thanks for that, Joe Biden!