German Greens Chopping Down Ancient ‘Fairytale Forest’ to Build Ugly Windmills

Robert and
Robert and [email protected]

One of the most beautiful forests in Europe is in Sababurg, Reinhardswald, in the central German state of Hesse. Unfortunately for people who appreciate the beauty of nature and who actually care about the environment, the German government is now chopping that ‘fairytale forest’ down so they can slap up an ugly windmill farm.

You’ve probably seen pictures of this beautiful forest if you haven’t been there in person. It surrounds the Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as the “Sleeping Beauty Castle,” in Sababurg. This amazing forest was supposedly the inspiration for the fairytales written by the Brothers Grimm.

Too bad they’ve got to chop it down to save the weather from global warming!

Conservationists were enraged to discover this month that the Green New Deal proponents in the German government are already clear-cutting 120,000 trees from the ancient forest. Don’t worry, though. Their intentions are completely honorable.

They’re destroying the forest and slapping up an ugly windmill farm to prevent a possible one-degree temperature increase sometime in the next century. To help everyone understand the enormity of this, it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit in Sababurg on Monday, March 11, 2024. Can you imagine the hellish conditions if it had been 47 degrees? Can you?!

That’s what the greenies are trying to prevent by chopping down a forest. There are only about 27,000 acres of forests left in all of Germany. Logging is not a huge industry anywhere in Europe, and most countries have extensive conservation plans in place to try to preserve the forests they have left.

But when it comes to the weird weather cult, all those conservation rules are simply thrown out the window. It’s far more important—to them—that they slap up a bunch of eyesore windmills and ruin the environment for everyone else than to preserve one of the last beautiful outdoor areas in Germany.