German Cops Threaten to Jail Anyone Sharing THIS Video of Migrants Brawling

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A bystander used their cellphone to capture a video of rival packs of Arabs beating the tar out of each other in the streets of Lubeck, Germany a few days ago. Since it’s 2023, German police are now threatening to arrest people who share the video (which we’ve shared below) rather than speak out against the real problem. Even though these things are happening in broad daylight in Western countries—including America—our rulers would rather that we never find out about the migrants behaving badly. It’s too damaging to the narrative.

Brawls like the one that happened in Lubeck the other day are now commonplace across the Western world, thanks to mass immigration. We never vet the “migrants” or “refugees” who show up at our doorstep, and our foolish leaders simply let them all in. Most Americans are completely unfamiliar with the problems and rivalries that these foreign nationals are bringing into our country with them.

One of the reasons why the so-called War on Terror was such a disaster is because the concepts of tribalism and blood feuds are alien to us here in the West. No one in the Pentagon or Department of Defense believed back in the early 2000s that our efforts to “spread democracy” could be undone because Muhammad’s second-cousin Muhammad was in a centuries-old blood feud with Muhammad from the rival tribe down the street in Iraq.

Yet tribalism and blood feuds did lose the War on Terror for us. When Muhammad had a chance to appoint his cousin Muhammad as a police commissioner in some city in Iraq, Muhammad would then abuse that power to benefit his own cousins while exacting vengeance on Muhammad in the other tribe for some insult to a goat that was issued 300 years ago. We’re simplifying the matter, but that’s really why our leaders were never really able to get Iraq under control, no matter how much purple dye people put on their fingers when they voted.

Western nations invite all of these problems in when they bring in entire villages from the Third World without vetting anyone and without understanding these ancient feuds or the cultures that produced them. Most Americans are unaware of the frequency, for example, with which teenage Somali refugees rape American women in places like Salt Lake City. But it happens all the time.

Brawls like the one in Lubeck happen all the time as well. Rather than trying to understand why rival groups of Arabs will suddenly start beating each other with trash cans in the street, the authorities simply try to cover it up. How’s that working out?

Police had to show up with ten vehicles in Lubeck to try to get the violence under control. They didn’t arrest a single person, despite witnesses filming the incident and despite the fact that they knocked an elderly German pedestrian to the ground and beat him as well. There’s no concern for the victims of these brawls—which now happen frequently in places like Allentown, Pennsylvania. Instead, they just hide it from the public and threaten to arrest people who share the video evidence on social media.

When you watch the video of this brawl below, ask yourself a serious question: When was the last time you saw groups of heritage Americans attacking each other and brawling in the streets like this? Has it ever happened in your lifetime, outside of in the movies?

It’s happening today because it is a lie that “diversity is our strength” and that bringing in hordes of foreign migrants is good for our culture.