Fox News Demands Tucker Carlson To Follow the Contract They Won’t Honor

Sharaf Maksumov /
Sharaf Maksumov /

With recently released former-Fox News host Tucker Carlson taking his views to Twitter, his former employer is horrified by his success. Being dropped from the lineup before they announced their parting ways. However, according to Axios, he is under contract until the end of the year. They claim they have made it clear to Carlson that he is in violation of that contract as they see it.

For many entertainers and reporters, contracts prevent them from appearing on other platforms or networks when they leave their contracts. Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney representing Carlson explained via Twitter that neither the far left nor Fox News will silence him. She also informed Axios that Fox News has demanded he is silent until the 2024 election has concluded.

It’s no wonder Fox News is chasing after Carlson so bad. He went full right, and he started talking about the conservative talking points Fox News kept glossing over. These points are crucial for allowing the American people to make informed decisions when voting. Something the left has deliberately tried to prevent time after time.

With his brutal no holds barred honesty, it’s no wonder Twitter analytics indicated he has 100 million viewers for his latest broadcast. This is a figure Fox couldn’t achieve across their platforms. This is a number that is simply unheard of, and symbolic of what the network could be doing if they had left him on.

Tucker Carlson has been a patriot and a leader for conservative rights in the US. He believes in keeping the American people free, not overtaxed, and not paying for special interest programs of the left. These tenants are something every American can get behind. When Fox News decided to break away from those same ideals, Carlson decided the network wasn’t for him.

The decision to walk away from the company that made you the hotshot you are is never an easy decision. Yet Carlson chose to preserve his integrity and to keep the wheels of the conservative wagon rolling forward. No matter the cost. By sending this message, he has signaled to every media personality, entertainer, and actor that these contracts to keep you locked in need to be fair. They need to be equitable.

When a company’s standards, way of doing business, and ethics start shifting away from what they were when someone signed, they need to reexamine the relationship. Much like a marriage, when things start to misalign, it creates conflict and tension that is palpable to everyone around them. For Carlson, it was visible in small doses in the last few weeks of his show. It didn’t take long for their new leftist-embracing ways to rub him the wrong way.

Impeding the spread of the liberal agenda has been a death sentence for the careers of many journalists across the globe. While here in the US that death is usually more of their careers than their physical forms, the risk is still incredibly high. The loss of an audience has meant a loss of the ability to get the truth out there for all to see. This isn’t the kind of message that can get across easily either.

Not honoring the contract they gave him is something Fox News should be ashamed of. For them to expect him to follow along with a contract they refuse to honor, they are doing him a massive disservice. They have also set the bar for other networks, and ultimately will only make it more difficult for them to get newscasters going forward. This is the kind of decision that sticks with you.

For both Carlson and Fox News, this kind of change was not only overdue but satisfactory to both. Now if only Fox News would admit that this was for the best, and just let the man ride off into the sunset. God knows he already did his time in hell working with those new leftist producers.