FBI Entraps Another Autistic Teen, Claims It’s Stopping Terrorism

Dzelat / shutterstock.com
Dzelat / shutterstock.com

Why do we even still have an FBI at this point? The congressional mandate under which the FBI was created expired more than 80 years ago. The only thing that the bureau seems to do these days is arrest grandmothers with knitting needles who were escorted into the US Capitol on January 6th by undercover FBI agents and frame autistic teenagers for imaginary “terrorism” plots. The latest example happened in Denver last month when the FBI finally arrested an autistic Muslim teenager whom they had spent years grooming as a fake terrorist.

Humzah Mashkoor was 18 years old when FBI agents swarmed around him at Denver International Airport on December 18th. The FBI says that Humzah was going to fly to Dubai, and then to either Syria or Afghanistan (they’re not really clear on that), with the intention of joining ISIS. The FBI had been chatting with Humzah online since he was 16 years old. Four FBI agents pretended to be friends with Humzah and encouraged him to “join ISIS” for more than two years before the boy was about to fly overseas to visit relatives in Dubai.

Humzah Mashkoor has autism, as do most of the “terrorists” that the FBI arrests these days. At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a copy of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” with him on the trip. That’s a book for third graders. Mentally, Humzah Mashkoor is a small child. No matter what you think about Islam or Humzah’s family, this kid is not some jihadi terrorist.

Now the boy is being charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. And boy, are the A-holes at the FBI proud of themselves for stopping this dangerous terrorist! They spent nearly two years encouraging this autistic boy to try to join ISIS, and the first time he tried to get on a plane, they protected the world from a dangerous “terrorist” who enjoys reading children’s books.

The FBI could have simply alerted Humzah’s parents when the kid was 16 and let them know that he was talking with people pretending to be members of ISIS online. Instead, FBI agents strung the boy along, knowing full well that he was autistic for two years. They waited until he was an adult so they could charge him as an adult terrorist. It’s probably a nice feather in your career cap at the FBI to stop a potential terrorist, so you can see the incentive.

“It is appalling that the government never once reached out to his parents, even while they were sending undercover agents to befriend him online starting when he was 16 years old,” said Joshua Herman, a defense attorney representing the autistic boy. “Almost all of the conduct he is alleged to have committed took place when he was a juvenile.”

But that’s how the FBI rolls in 2023. Why carry out risky law enforcement jobs like checking up on the 20 million illegal alien criminals and child rapists that Joe Biden has allowed across the southern border when you can set up autistic patsies and pretend like you’re “fighting terrorism?” Every American should be disgusted by these illegal FBI tactics. The fact that they have the ability to spend YEARS stringing along a mentally challenged kid instead of solving real crimes shows just how completely useless and dangerous the FBI has come.

The FBI outlived its congressional mandate on the day when Al Capone was arrested. It’s long past time that this rogue, out-of-control Gestapo agency be shut down. Are you listening, Congress?