Fani Willis Told to Get Off Trump’s Case

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I’m sure you are aware at this point that Donald Trump is in the middle of defending himself in a number of legal battles at present. One such case in Fulton County, Georgia, where District Attorney Fani Willis and her team claim that Trump interfered with their 2021 election.

But it seems that Willis has made a number of egregious errors in handling the case, enough so that even an Obama appointed US attorney is declaring she recuse herself.

As former US Attorney Michael Moore, a man appointed by then-President Barack Obama, says, “I’d tell her to get out of the case.” In a recent interview on “Anderson Cooper 360,” he noted that this case, in particular, “is bigger than any one prosecutor.”

He also said that cases like this rarely end in “some ‘Matlock’ moment, some moment like you see in ‘My Cousin Vinny,’ where suddenly somebody finds evidence.”

Instead, Moore says the experience has taught him that “Cases die by the death of 1,000 cuts. This is a cut on the case.”

And a rather big one.

The biggest error for Willis seems to be that she appointed her lover as a special prosecutor on the case, along with a series of ethical violations and legal misconducts following that decision.

As former Trump campaign official and current Trump co-defendant Michael Roman alleges, Willis neither had permission to appoint her supposed lover nor has used funding from her office to take a number of vacations with the man, who happens to still be married to another.

According to court filings, Nathan Wade was appointed as special prosecutor on the case by Willis herself in November 2021.

This in and of itself poses some questions that Willis needs to answer.

For starters is the fact that, prior to this case, Wade has never been anything more than your average personal injury lawyer. He had never tried a RICO case in his life before.

And suddenly, he’s assigned as special prosecutor to what is being called the biggest RICO case in US history?

As Roman’s case against Willis alleges, this makes Wade not even qualified to defend such a case. So why would he be qualified to prosecute it?

And that leads us to another issue…

Another problem is that neither Willis nor her office ever received or even applied for Fulton County’s approval to appoint a special prosecutor, let alone this one.

As the filing asks, “Why would the district attorney not obtain this approval prior to appointing the special prosecutor?”

You’d think, with this being the biggest RICO case in history, you’d want everything to be above board, right? That way, there’s no way Trump or his lawyers could fight it.

And yet, Willis ignored protocol and legal precedence. Why?

Perhaps she knew Wade was underqualified for the job. Maybe she just really wanted to work with her lover.

Neither answer is good enough.

It also doesn’t explain why, if everything was above board, large swaths of the taxpayer dollars used to pay Wade for his services as special prosecutor were then used on vacation trips for both himself and Willis.

I say ‘vacations’ because it’s not like the two were going to New York or Washington DC, where it might be believed they were doing “business.”

Instead, they went to the Caribbean, Napa Valley, and Florida, and on cruises, no less. Please tell me how taking a cruise to the Caribbean proves a working business trip…

Wade’s billing documents also prove questionable. In one instance, he bills the Fulton County DA’s office for a straight 24 hours on a Sunday – and at $250 an hour. I know lawyers, especially in big cases, can work long hours.

But 24 hours in a row on a Sunday? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Needless to say, all of this screams ethical violations and smells fishy.

And it definitely tells me Fani Willis needs to remove herself from the case if she has any hope that it won’t be thrown out in its entirety.