Family of Murdered Daughter Sues Biden for the MS-13 Member He Released into America

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alexkich /

The family of a 20-year-old autistic woman named Kayla Hamilton, who was raped and murdered by one of Joe Biden’s catch-and-release invaders, is suing the Biden regime for $100 million. The El Salvadoran MS-13 gang member had only been in the country for three months when he raped and murdered a disabled American woman.

In a truly sick and twisted development, the Biden regime released the 17-year-old illegal alien into the country as an “unaccompanied alien child.” He crossed the border in June of 2022 and murdered Kayla Hamilton in June of that same year.

Police in Aberdeen, MD, arrested the illegal alien in January of 2023. When House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) demanded details on the case from the Department of Homeland Security, the DHS withheld information from the accused murderer and rapist’s file, citing “the government’s concern for the privacy of the criminal alien accused of Kayla’s murder.”

They only allowed Jordan and other concerned Members of Congress to view the redacted files. The Biden regime is so sick that the American people are not allowed to know the name of this alien invader who is accused of raping and killing an autistic woman.

What Jordan did learn from the file is shocking. The Biden regime did not vet this individual at all. Instead, they placed him in a foster home with other teenagers! The accused rapist literally has MS-13 tattoos on his face, and that did not trigger any red flags with Biden’s DHS. They let him into the country and gave him a place to stay in foster care.

Because Joe Biden nonchalantly allowed an MS-13 gang member into the country, a young woman was brutally strangled to death with a phone cord. And Americans cannot even know the name of the accused rapist and murderer because Joe Biden is worried about his privacy.