Dr. Jill’s Retort for Biden Being Too Old Only Proves it Even More

mark reinstein / shutterstock.com
mark reinstein / shutterstock.com

We all know that Democratic President Joe Biden is too old to be in his position – in fact, he’s the most senior president to ever sit in the Oval Office. And as such, First Lady Jill Biden, as well as countless members of his staff, are always on the defense of that fact. Sadly, for the Biden administration, their efforts to contradict the evidence usually only serve to prove it more.

Take a recent interview with Dr. Jill, for instance, as she demands to be called.

The CNN-hosted appearance aired on Monday and discussed a number of things related to the White House. Most notable were remarks made about the president’s age.

The reporter asked FLOTUS what she would say “to those people who say, ‘maybe he’s too old to be President?”

The response was apparently supposed to be something that proved Biden was and is more than capable of doing what the job demands of him, a kind of ‘just look what he’s done’ line. Unfortunately, neither Dr. Jill’s words nor the logic behind them exactly tracks with a man who’s fit for the Oval Office.

She responded, “How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train, go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President Zelenskyy?”

Umm, can’t all of them?

And that point was easy and rather quickly made on social media.

As comedian @TheRyanNYC said, “Every 30 year old?”

Podcaster Graham Allen agreed, saying, “All of them… the answer is all of them.”

And he’s not wrong. Speaking as a just over 30-year-old myself, it wouldn’t take much effort on my part to do an around-the-world trip in a matter of a few days. Of course, that brings me to another point and one that several more social media users made as well.

What does it take to travel as Biden did? I mean, as Jill mentioned, he boarded Air Force One, which has a complete bedroom, kitchen, etc., and flew for several hours to Poland. Ok. That couldn’t have been that difficult. I mean, he just could have slept the whole time. I probably would have.

Then, he arrives in Poland and makes a short trip by car to the train, which is also rather luxurious and undoubtedly includes a sleeping area and comfortable seats. He’s on that for another nine hours, according to FLOTUS.

Again, I could get nine hours of sleep, good food, and sit around with like-minded individuals.

Then, he arrives in Ukraine, where he takes another short car ride to meet with Zelenskyy in the poshest setting the country offers.

Umm, what’s so hard about any of that? I don’t care what your age is; laying around, being surrounded by luxury, isn’t all that difficult to manage.

As one user said, it’s not like it takes a lot of “stamina” or energy.

Besides, we all know that during all of that time, Biden is also surrounded by staff members who practically wait on him hand and foot. They bring him his meals, and snacks, make sure he’s comfortable, and probably even help him dress at this point.

Nothing hard about that, huh?

But for Jill Biden to suggest that it is, is 1) rather demeaning to the rest of us, as if we are just stupid enough to believe that, and 2) only points out the age difference more.

I mean, she could have said a 50-year-old, and there still would have been more than a couple of decades between that age and Biden’s. That’s plenty for all of us to note exactly how old Biden is and therefore begin to conclude that he might not be up for the job anymore.

And that’s before we even begin to consider all that Biden has actually done. You know, things like falling up the stairs to Air Force one at least three times now, making enough verbal gaffes that anyone should be concerned, and getting angry when he can’t remember things.

FLOTUS can say what she wants about his age, but it doesn’t mean any of us are buying it.