Dems Might as Well Ask for a Public Lynching of Trump

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

Now that we’ve seen Trump indicted, the public is anxiously awaiting the trial to see what happens next. Will he be found guilty and imprisoned? Will he be found innocent and end up winning the presidential election?

There are many variables that still have to play out.

One thing that we’re seeing across the entire Democratic Party, however, is that they want to see Trump’s head served up on a silver platter.

They might as well ask for a public lynching of Trump. They’ve been vocal about wanting to see Trump brought to justice. What all of this means is that they’ve already decided that the man is guilty.

Innocent until proven guilty is a thing of the past, at least when it comes to the way that the Democrats want to treat Trump.

It’s not even enough for Trump to be indicted and potentially imprisoned. House Democrats have gone as far as requesting that the trials be televised. That’s right. They want everyone to see Trump be brought to justice, which means they likely have everything rigged.

It shouldn’t surprise you that this is being led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). He and close to 40 other House Democrats have signed a letter to the Judicial Conference to ask for the federal criminal trials to be televised.

In the letter, they request that the Conference “explicitly authorize the broadcasting of court proceedings in the cases of United States of America v. Donald J. Trump.”

Schiff should already know that such things are not allowed. State courts can choose to allow televised court proceedings. However, federal courts prohibit broadcasting trials on TV.

However, Schiff is hoping that the Judicial Conference will make an exception because he wants to smear Trump’s name even further. This is all for entertainment value.

It’s the same level of childish entertainment that caused the signing of impeachment papers to take hours because Nancy Pelosi handed everyone in the House a different pen for souvenir purposes as they signed the papers.

Gerry Connolly (D-VA) is one of the other Representatives who is siding with Schiff to request the hearing on television. He comments, “The American people have a right to know what is said in cases that concern us all. As Donald Trump faces trial, I encourage the court to make the proceedings available for all to watch – it’s in everyone’s best interest to know the truth.”

That’s a bold statement considering many of us are confident that we already know the truth – that Trump is innocent, and this has been a full witch hunt. They wouldn’t be asking for it to be on TV unless they were sure of how it was going to turn out.

So, can we assume that the trial is flawed before it has even started?