Creepy Uncle Joe Brings the Childhood Trauma Pie to “Friendsgiving Dinner”

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /

With a whiff of his nose, creepy Uncle Joe set forth with locked focus on a 6-year-old during a “Friendsgiving Dinner” on November 19th. The event was held with service members and military families from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gerald R. Ford. Biden was joined by the First Lady as well. This event was put on as a part of the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative. Biden sought to push the move as a bonding experience and brought up his late son Beau multiple times.

While speaking to the crowd, he took that new focus and zoomed in on a youngster. Proclaiming, “And I love your ears, I love them, they’re really cool. What’s your name?” Biden was locked in. Embarrassed and visibly bothered, she sheepishly replied, “Catherine.” Not missing a beat to connect like the pedophile he is, Joe responded, “What a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name…how old are you? Seventeen?”

A boy at the table suddenly proclaimed her as being six, then stealing Uncle Joe’s attention long enough for the girl to be forgotten by him. Talking to him as if Biden already knew she was his sister, he tried cultivating a relationship with the lad. Bringing up his age, Biden played the same “oh, so you’re jailbait” age game with him, too. This disturbing scene elicited a few laughs as well as several groans at the creepy behavior.

His clearly predatory behavior was on full display among some of our nation’s bravest. Forced to keep their composure as Biden is still the commander-in-chief, many there were visibly uncomfortable with his actions. This isn’t a man they would trust to watch their kid’s cereal, let alone lead them into battle. With this kind of display, it’s clear he shouldn’t be trusted with either.

The behavior exhibited by Biden over the years has pointed to some serious problems with his mental state. The pedophilic behavior has been on record for over 50 years, but it wasn’t until the Alzheimer’s signs became pronounced that he gave up on trying to cover it up. Instead, he has leaned into the behavior in full force and shows no signs of letting up.

For the American people, this should be the icing on the cake of proving that something needs to change expeditiously with the commander-in-chief. We need someone who has some semblance of knowing what is going on with the nation day in and day out. Not just a puppet who is more concerned about his fortune, protecting his living son, and the people who got him into office.

His actions since taking over the presidency with kids have been some of the most disturbing to date. While always ensuring that he stays on the right side of things, he doesn’t publicly fully cross the line with these youngsters, but he certainly toys with it. This kind of behavior, while on display for the nation, leaves many to wonder just how bad he gets behind the scenes. With the horror stories of people like Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson as examples, people have learned that those who act pervy in public are usually worse behind closed doors.

As a nation, we need to guard our kids. Ever since the invention of the internet, kids have been growing up at a much faster rate than the generations prior. Social media has only helped to fuel that fire, and people like Joe Biden have been here to embrace every waking moment of it. In the twisted and mentally unwell minds of these individuals, these young ladies are there for their amusement, and they have preyed on them. Now that one is in the White House, it’s time the nation agrees they made a mistake and put him out to pasture.