Climate Grifter Greta Thunberg Deletes 2018 Tweet After We All Somehow Managed to Live Until 2023

Liv Oeian /
Liv Oeian /

You might want to sit down before you read this. We have an important announcement to make. Global warming is fake and stupid. Yeah, we know. Shocker, right? The current chief high priestess of the fake global warming cult faced a lot of embarrassment on the internet this week when one of her tweets didn’t age very well. 20-year-old Greta Thunberg deleted a tweet she sent out to the world five years ago because that particular global warming prophecy did not come true.

Thunberg, of course, shot to fame when she was propped up as the 15-year-old prophetess who would lead us all to a carbon-energy-free future. We could all live in grass huts with no electricity and it would save the world from hot weather or something. Thunberg is autistic and claims to have the ability to “perceive” changes in the climate and the atmosphere all around her because of her neurological disorder. Or at least, that’s what she was saying before her handlers decided how crazy that sounded and had her tone it down.

Thunberg was ruthlessly exploited as a handicapped child because the Democrat Party figured no one would want to criticize her. But when you step into the public arena and demand that the whole of civilization be altered, it doesn’t work that way. Instead of giving her some coloring books and Crayolas and telling her to shoosh, the adults around Greta Thunberg utilized her for maximum grift, which is still paying them dividends to this day.

Anyway, independent journalist Jack Posobiec noticed that Thunberg had deleted a tweet from 2018, which he had screenshotted.

The original tweet from Thunberg read, “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”

Posobiec tweeted the screenshot of that message directly to Thunberg, saying, “Hi Greta! Why did you delete this?”

Other Twitter users were less than kind when they were reminded that Greta Thunberg is full of it. “Time flies when you’re on the grift,” noted one person. Another observed that “We still have 3 months left!” before Greta’s five-year prophecy is fully debunked. Either way, she took the tweet down because it turned out to be a ridiculous lie and totally false, just like every other doomsday prophecy that the weather weirdos have been making for the past 50 years.

Some of us are old enough to remember when climate scientists were warning about an impending Ice Age in the 1970s. The leading climate “scientists” back then were claiming that humanity should immediately start building underground pod cities because new glaciers would cover North America from Canada down to Malibu or possibly Florida. In an alternative plan, we would all have to cram into Mexico to try to survive.

The United Nations switched and started predicting that global warming would kill us all, probably before the year 2000. In the 1990s, accused rapist Al Gore predicted that we’d all die from weather-related global warming. In the early 2000s, when people continued to show disinterest in this obviously fake cult, it was rebranded as “climate change.” Now, we have high priestesses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg issuing prophesies that we’ll all die in just a few short years. Any minute now!

We’ve got to hand it to these grifters, though. They’re making a good living from this. Greta Thunberg is now a 20-year-old high school dropout. And she’s a millionaire! How much money have you made since 2018? For most people who aren’t climate grifters, it’s nowhere near that amount.