City Pays BLM Protesters $10 Million Over 2020 Riots

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If you believe the dribble of the political left, 2020’s “summer of love” was made up of “mostly peaceful” protests or demonstrations. This is exactly why the city just awarded rioters in Seattle $10 million in damages.

As you may know, BLM and Antifa rioters took to city streets en masse to protest the supposed murder of George Floyd of Minneapolis while in police custody in May 2020. Floyd’s death sparked a nationwide conversation about police brutality and discrimination.

And in more liberally motivated cities like Seattle, riots became commonplace enough so that the city was on constant alert and forced to send out its riot squads and whole police departments to contain the madness.

Of course, those in the wild crowds have since claimed that police were unjustly harsh with them, sending tear gas, blast balls, etc., into crowds of “mostly peaceful” protesters for no reason.

As such, a number of these rioters have sued the city for supposed damages, both physical and emotional.

Naturally, the city has been unwilling to admit it did anything wrong in protecting itself. And so the lawsuit has raged on for three years now.

That was until this week when the case was settled out of court. The city of Seattle agreed to pay $10 million to the more than 50 “peaceful” protesters who claim to have sustained injuries during the “demonstrations.”

According to City Attorney Ann Davison, this is actually cheaper than allowing the lawsuit to drag out any longer, as the city has already spent a massive amount of time and resources on the case, all to no avail.

“This decision was the best financial decision for the City considering risk, cost, and insurance.”

And unfortunately, this probably won’t be the end of it.

In fact, the city has already set aside another $5 million for “anticipated, pending or actual judgment, claims payments & litigation expenses while defending the city.”

So rioters are getting paid millions, and actually, peaceful protesters of January 6 are still rotting in jail…