City Council Informs Elderly Couple It’s Taking Their Home to Give to Migrants

Peter Elvidge /
Peter Elvidge /

An elderly British couple in North Northamptonshire purchased a lovely new home in November for £200,000. They received the shock of a lifetime just this month when their local city council sent them a letter informing them that the home was to be forcibly seized. This wasn’t because the owners had missed payments or done anything wrong. Far from it. The city council plans to take their home so it can give it to illegal aliens.

The city council told the elderly couple that their home, which you can see looks fairly new in the video below, is a “derelict” property. The council wants to take their house away and use it for one of three possible gravy trains for illegal aliens: Homes for Ukraine, Afghan Resettlement, or Asylum Dispersal.

This is straight out of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx. Chapter 2 describes taking homes away from “rebels” in the native population and giving them to supporters of the regime in power. That’s exactly what this is.

Americans should be disturbed by this development for two reasons.

First, our nation is currently being ruled by the same globalists who are destroying Europe through mass illegal immigration. Second, we should be worried because liberal mayors and governors are already politely asking Americans to take illegal aliens into their homes and provide for them.

After another year of Joe Biden’s invasion goes by, they’ll probably stop asking politely. If you think it’s far-fetched that the government would seize homes from Americans and give them to illegal aliens, think again. Nobody thought this would be happening in the UK just a few months ago.

Watch as the elderly couple describes the nightmare that the UK’s disastrous leaders are putting them through: