Citizens’ Arrest: Watch These Home Depot Shoppers Take Down a Thief

Sundry [email protected]

A video from a Home Depot parking lot in Vermont went viral this week after a group of shoppers got fed up with a thief. The man was attempting to leave the store with a shopping cart full of expensive stolen tools when he suddenly found himself under a citizens’ arrest—but only after the citizens had whipped the tar out of him.

Americans are getting fed up with the rampant shoplifting and crime taking place in cities ever since BLM committed the George Floyd domestic terrorist attacks. People will only tolerate lawlessness for so long before taking the law into their own hands.

When governments do not perform their most basic duty of protecting the citizens, something will always come along to fill the vacuum. Sometimes it will be in the form of citizen patrols and vigilantism. Sometimes the result is much worse, like what we’re seeing in the horrifyingly corrupt nation of Haiti (again) this month.

These shoppers at Home Depot obviously reached their breaking point when they saw a guy trying to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of power tools. They pay their taxes; they pay for the expensive items at the store and behave as honorable citizens. Why should some Democrat wearing a COVID mask as a disguise be allowed to rip off a store?

Watch this heartwarming video as a group of complete strangers come together to work toward a common goal for the good of their community. Just to warn you, there is some NSFW language in the video.