China Draws a Line in the Sand, Bend the Knee or Prepare for Battle

Rattanasak Khuentana /
Rattanasak Khuentana /

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on June 19th as he finished up a two-day trip to mainland China. This was a meeting that both sides had openly professed they wanted to occur during his trip, but neither side would confirm until just hours before it began. Without this, both sides claimed it would have meant a wasted trip.

Before the meeting, Xi told the US that it must choose “cooperation or conflict” as both sides look to reportedly find ways to work together. Wang Yi, China’s highest-ranking foreign policy official, issued the demands for the meeting to Blinken and made them non-negotiable. While neither Washington nor Beijing confirmed the meeting, Getty issued photos of the two shaking hands before they spent three hours in an ornate state guest house.

Per a readout from Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, Wang did not mix his words when speaking to Blinken.

“The Secretary of State’s trip to Beijing this time comes at a critical juncture in China-US relations…It is necessary to make a choice between dialogue and confrontation, cooperation, or conflict. We must reverse the downward spiral of China-US relations, push for a return to a healthy and stable track, and work together to find a correct way for China and the United States to get along.”

While these statements seem like common sense to anyone outside of Washington, it is unusual for leftists or foreign officials to admit that things need to change. Then, Wang also spoke about the issue of Taiwan to Blinken, and that was a bit more pointed.

“On this issue, China has no room to compromise or concede,” Wang told Blinken, according to CCTV. The United States must truly adhere to the One China principle confirmed in the three joint U.S.-China communiques, respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and clearly oppose ‘Taiwan independence’.”

Looking at the CCTV readout, this was less like a meeting but more of a dressing down from Wang and Xi. The level of demands and requirements is not only insulting to the American people, but it also serves as a slap in the face of those who wish to see peace between the two economic superpowers.

Given the healthy economic relationship between the two nations because of American companies, there should be a better way to do things. Our companies have been sending manufacturing to China to take advantage of their sweatshops and advanced production lines. Our boost to their economy as well as China’s investments in American debt should mean that they want to see the US being successful.

Instead, it means that they want the American people under their thumb and do their bidding without question. The country is already seeing this, despite mainstream media ignoring it. Chinese police stations have been set up in multiple cities across the nation. Designed to spy on the people of and descendants from China, these shops were built to keep an eye on their own people and make them obey laws that are not of this land.

They have also been buying up farms, as well as plots of land near military bases. Even worse, they are boldly doing so, with no attempts to cover their tracks, and the current administration is doing nothing to try and prevent it. Instead, they simply act like this is business as usual and the American people should be comfortable with it.

The fact is, this is not normal, and it’s not what the American people should expect in our backyards. If anything, Blinken should be there telling Xi to get back into Hundred Acre Wood and go hand out at Owl’s house with Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore. The American people don’t care about him and his honey pot.

If they want to bring their policies here, we as a nation should be more than ready to destroy them. Sadly though, with Biden at the helm, it’s questionable if we could even defeat Girl Scout Troop 174 in dodgeball.