Chicago Targets Bus Drivers to Try to Stop the Illegal Alien Invasion

Andy Sutherland /
Andy Sutherland /

The terrible elected officials in Chicago (all Democrats) voted last week to start impounding any buses from Texas that arrive with loads of illegal alien freeloaders. Naturally, the vote was unanimous. If you’re a working-class bus driver from Texas, you might want to avoid dumping new loads of illegal aliens in Chicago. The new rule, which went into effect immediately last Wednesday after Chicago approved it, can result in thousands of dollars in fines and buses being impounded.

Under this new rule, bus drivers are only allowed to dump illegal alien hordes in Chicago with prior approval from the city. Illegals can only be dropped off at certain times and in certain zones across the city, which probably coincide with the most heavily Republican voting districts.

Any bus driver who violates the rules faces a $3,000 fine from the city, as well as towing and storage fees for their bus, which the city will confiscate. At least one bus driver was cited immediately after the city council voted on the new rule.

The Cicero neighborhood of Chicago is taking the concept even further. If a bus driver arrives with a load of illegal aliens, they get fined $750 per illegal.

Notice that Chicago is not attacking the State of Texas or Gov. Greg Abbott for sending illegal aliens there. The city is attacking the bus drivers. As if this whole catastrophe is somehow their fault and not Joe Biden’s.

Chicago residents at Cicero and Rosemont turned away several buses last week that were carrying illegal alien kids. Chicago taxpayers have already been forced to spend more than $250 million this year on Joe Biden’s illegal aliens. The federal government refuses to help the city of Chicago with the crisis it created.