Chicago Hits Limits as a Sanctuary City, Now Wants the Suburbs To Take Them

Antwon McMullen /
Antwon McMullen /

The Pied Piper of Leftists Democrats in Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson, has already grown tired of the results of asking to be a Sanctuary City. He’s not even hiding it, either. Instead, he is proud that the Windy City has failed in its simple ambition to take in and house more of the illegals as they show up in the US.

Per The Center Square, Johnson is in talks with neighboring Cook County officials as well as others in the state.

“We’ve had conversations with mayors across not just Cook County but the surrounding counties, and we have had tremendous feedback. We see some real support on the horizon … looking forward in the days to come that these collaborative efforts that we have been organizing will begin to see some dynamic come to fruition. Here’s what I am committed to doing, honoring the law of being a sanctuary city and building systems of care that provide a pathway with dignity for individuals who are seeking refuge here in the city of Chicago.”

The idea here is for him to parrot after fellow Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who has been shipping his off to other parts of NY that also want the moniker of Sanctuary City. By sharing the sting of the realities of their poor decision-making, these Mayors are just dumping their problems off. They aren’t reaching out and coordinating, and they aren’t ensuring any resources even exist.

With Chicago dedicating $120 million towards taking care of the illegals, only to start shipping them off shortly after they started arriving, many are concerned. Thus far, Chicago officials have refused to turn over the full accounting records for this money. It is known that many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) received contracts for services to these illegals. In the contracts for these services, they would provide housing, social services, and health care for the illegals.

Yet these very organizations have gotten their contracts and checks, then provided little to no services with so many of the illegals leaving. Of the services that have been allegedly provided, they have been substandard at best. For as much as the Democrats have claimed to care about and wanted to help these illegals, they have quickly realized they just can’t do it.

Now equipped with a dollop of a taste of what these border communities have endured for decades. Instead of begging President Biden to do more or even offering to send aid to the border to be of direct assistance, they instead choose their usual answer and just sit and pout about it. This isn’t what is going to save the nation or even keep the status quo. Instead, actions like these will only serve to tank us even further as we become more and more overrun by these illegals.

With cities like Chicago and NYC now doing their best to spread the problem across the country, we have to wonder how long it will take for them to begin to take over local government.

As the Biden regime continues its plot to flood this great land with more illegals than we know what to do with, they are also doing their damnedest to change laws and regulations to make the citizens as quickly as possible under emergency authorization. This would mean that they would suddenly become voters nationally, including in Presidential elections. Given their ability to vote in certain local voting districts as a non-citizen, many are already able to get versed in voting pro-Democrat.

This buys votes and sets up a voter base that will support expanded immigration efforts in the coming years. This isn’t what the Americans should be dealing with. It needs to be Americans first, everyone else second. The days of handouts and feeling bad for everyone else need to come to an end.