Californians Moving to Texas Get a Few Big Surprises

Simone Hogan /
Simone Hogan /

California has made a number of mistakes. They have allowed their liberal agenda to rule everything, which means that there’s homelessness, rampant crime, expensive gas, high rent, and more.

It’s not surprising that some Californians who lean a bit more to the left are choosing to pack up and leave. They’re loading their moving trucks and heading to Texas while giving Newsom the middle finger right before they cross state lines.

For many, Texas seems like the best option. It is a conservative state with many tax incentives for businesses. Many celebrities have settled in the Austin area, too – including Elon Musk, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and more.

For those who aren’t rich and famous, they are getting shocked by what they see. Beyond the fact that open carry is not only an option but highly used, there are also a few other things.

Food, property values, and gas are all cheaper in the state of Texas.

Property taxes, however, are not. In fact, Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the entire country. Of course, those offer many benefits — better schools, better roads, and the list goes on.

Are Californians happy once they get to Texas? Most are. Business Insider shared a story where Chuck and Jennifer Balek moved to the state. They commented about how life is better in the state because of most things being more affordable. There was also another surprise for them. “Texas doesn’t have a state income tax which was equivalent to like a 10% raise for both of us.”

There’s just one thing that isn’t advertised heavily. People in Texas like to vote red, but many cities are turning blue because of the Californians coming into the state. As such, most Texans will tell their friends from California not to share where they moved from. It’s also why you’ll see quite a few bumper stickers that read: “Don’t California My Texas.”

Basically, Californians are welcome in Texas as long as they vote accordingly. Most things are more affordable, but there are a few things that will take getting used to.