California Voters Opposed to Reparations by a 2-to-1 Margin

AndriiKoval /
AndriiKoval /

The California legislature will take up a bill next year to consider $800 billion in reparations to black residents for the slavery that never impacted them. The legislature is already facing a huge problem, however. Voters hate the idea.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and state lawmakers came up with the idea for a Reparations Task Force as a 2020 election-year stunt. The Task Force came back with an astonishing recommendation. White taxpayers in California who have never owned slaves deserve to pay $800 billion to black Californians who have never been slaves in order to atone for slavery. California, by the way, was never a slave state, but you don’t want to let a history book get in the way when you’re trying to virtue signal.

There are three main hurdles to reparations being passed into law in California right now. First, California doesn’t have $800 billion lying around. Second, the idea is really stupid. And third, a solid majority of voters actually hate the idea.

New polling indicates that 59% of eligible California voters are opposed to paying reparations, including 40% who are strongly opposed. Only 28% of voters support the incredibly stupid and unfair idea.

People assume that most of California is a deep blue hellhole of insanity, but that’s simply not the case. The state gets a lot of bad press because of its lunatic legislature, which maintains hegemonic control of the state through completely fraudulent elections. If you drive 30 minutes outside of the Bay Area, Sacramento, or LA County, much of the rest of California is just as deep red as Idaho or Oklahoma. You can have a Trump 2024 sign in front of your house, and a Democrat won’t even pull over to defecate on your lawn. Most of California is pretty normal.

This is why the Democrats have to force their lunatic ideas through the legislature with their supermajority or have the courts impose things on everyone else. The voters simply wouldn’t stand for something like reparations.

Remember, when they gave California voters the chance to legalize “gay marriage” years ago, the voters soundly rejected that idea. In point of fact, in every state where the voters were allowed to decide on gay marriage, it was rejected. It was only through an insane Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage suddenly became the law of the land in the US.

Therefore, they can’t let the voters have a chance to speak out on reparations at the ballot box. It’s just too dumb of an idea for normal, mentally healthy people to stomach (not unlike gay marriage).

A reparations package of $800 billion would be more than twice the state’s already bloated budget that provides no services whatsoever for everyday Californians. The communist agitators pushing the idea say that $800 billion just isn’t enough to cover the horrors that black Californians have suffered while never being slaves and, for the most part, not even living through the Jim Crow era, which never impacted California in the first place.

The money doesn’t seem to be the reason why voters are rejecting the idea, however. Only 19% said that the program would cost too much. Most of the voters—around 60% of those opposed—said that it’s completely unfair to penalize today’s taxpayers for wrongs that were committed in the past.

Would the Democrat supermajority in charge of the California Assembly and Senate actually be crazy enough to pass reparations next year as an election-year stunt, despite the impossible financial costs of the program? Oh, you bet they would! The only question is how long it would take the federal courts to swat down this obviously discriminatory idea.