Boston Leaders Take Away From Needy Veterans To House Illegals

Sean Pavone /
Sean Pavone /

Gov. Maura Healey (D-MA) has been struggling to find answers for the state’s recent surge of illegals arriving on various doorsteps throughout Massachusetts. In the city of Boston, these new arrivals are showing up, and officials have had no place to put them. Now, their officials want to give needy veterans the boot so illegals can have a place to destroy.

The Old Chelsea Soldiers’ Home was designed for senior and rehabbing veterans to live and recover amongst their brothers and sisters. It gave our nation’s bravest a place where they could set down their shield and heal. Spending time with those who know their struggles was one of the greatest ways to see these veterans get better and support one another.

Once they get them out, 100 families of illegals will be housed there. With hundreds and even thousands more arriving daily, the city is running out of options. Still, no official has made an effort to get Boston to drop their ‘sanctuary city” status. What they have done is taken steps to get them off Boston’s support networks, despite having no legal status.

Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice spoke with the Boston Herald about their new programming for these illegals. “We have said for months now that our system is at capacity, and we do not have the space, providers, or funding to continue expanding. This new certification policy is a responsible step to address the capacity constraints at our safety-net sites. Families will need to demonstrate that they’ve taken action to get on a path toward independence and out of shelter.”

If Boston and Massachusetts want to quit taking in the illegals, they know what they need to do, and it’s really simple. Drop the damn status and roll up the red carpet they rolled out for the illegals. Too bad the people running the show out there lack the spine and courage that our forefathers once had. They drove out the redcoats, and they would drive out these illegals.