Biden’s Popularity Resets the Bar for Approval Ratings

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Even during his time as a Senator, Joe Biden has liked making waves with the American people at every turn. He has continued that trend while serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President and now as President. The latest wave? His polling numbers during an election year have set an all-new record.

That record, though, is for the lowest January approval rating in the modern era of sitting Presidents. Coming in at 38%, Biden is 5% below where Trump was in 2020 and 9% below Obama at the end of his first term in 2012. By comparison, Eisenhower received a 77% approval rating back in 1956.

Conducted between January 25-30, the CNN poll surveyed 1,212 adults and a 3.8-point margin of error. It also serves as one of the latest in massive failures in the Biden administration. A December poll from FiveThirtyEight showed Biden is the least popular President in history, with Trump getting 18 points more. Breaking that up further, only 37.7% of their poll respondents approved of Biden, and 55.6% outright disapproved of him.

Unsurprisingly, the liberals are slowly starting to realize what a grave mistake they made by putting him in office back in 2020. The problem now lies with replacing him on the 2024 Presidential ticket, especially after a 96.4% rate in the South Carolina Democratic primary on February 4th. The few people he has challenging him aren’t doing a good job of even letting people know they are running.

Frankly, it’s beyond pathetic Biden is even in the running to appear on the ticket in November, especially given all his recent slip-ups. It’s time to put the dementia-riddled senior citizen out to pasture.