Biden’s Latest Gaffe:  Throws America Under the Bus Over WWII to Blast Israel

Spike Johnson /
Spike Johnson /

In a chat with Israel’s war cabinet, President Biden just couldn’t resist taking a jab at America’s World War II tactics. Apparently, Uncle Joe thinks those Allied bombings of Nazi Germany were a bit much. He argued that the Allied bombings of Nazi Germany contributed to the establishment of international norms and rules in place nowadays, like the ones that say you can’t just go around carpet-bombing countries willy-nilly.

In an interview with Evan Osnos of the New Yorker, Biden criticized Israeli leaders, saying they have become consumed with “rage” in their war against Hamas and have lost “the moral high ground.”  According to the President, Israeli officials defended their actions and pointed out that the American government had carpet-bombed Germany during World War II. In Biden’s view, this was a mistake, so “that’s why we ended up with the United Nations and all these rules about not doing that again.”

Biden’s optimism regarding an imminent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was met with skepticism from various parties involved in the negotiations. Despite his initial assertion, he later adjusted his statement, indicating a more cautious approach toward resolving the conflict.

The pressure on Biden to secure a ceasefire comes from multiple sources, including progressive factions within his own party and representatives of Hamas. Recent events, such as a significant number of “uncommitted” votes in Michigan’s Democratic primary and statements from Hamas officials, highlight the diverse perspectives and interests influencing the situation.

But hey, let’s not forget history. How about the good old American bombing campaign against Nazi Germany? The National Museum of the United States Air Force said that was a real game-changer. The campaign significantly weakened Germany’s infrastructure and military capabilities, contributing to the eventual defeat of the Axis powers. So maybe Uncle Joe should brush up on his history before he starts doling out advice. Just saying.