Bidenomics Failing So Hard Illegals Are Starting To Give Up and Go Home

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

Ever since President Biden lifted Title 42 protections that were imposed by former President Donald Trump, the southern border has been flooded with people coming to the country illegally. Tossing up their arms and claiming asylum when caught, they are being taken in, “documented,” and released with a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” message and GPS device. Many aren’t showing up for these appointments if they have people to stay with.

Those who come here with nothing and have no one here are taking the option to be bussed someplace else. New York City has been a popular choice, but Mayor Eric Adams has been completely overrun. With so many of them showing up, native New Yorkers are being shoved out of shelters that had previously welcomed them. In their place, the city is paying 2-12 times as much per bed. This means a massive influx in income and no extra help for either group.

Chicago, IL, also got a massive influx of these illegals thanks to its status as a sanctuary city, just like NYC. Now chunks of the 21,000+ illegals the city has received are fed up with how they have been treated since arriving here. The Chicago Tribune interviewed multiple people who had taken part in the scheme, and from their eyes, it’s little more than human smuggling.

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” said Castejon. “There’s nothing here for us,” he added.

The paper continued, “Castejon said that despite the dangerous trek to get here — often begging for money and sleeping in the streets to cross several borders — the journey had not been worth it. ‘We didn’t know things would be this hard,” he said. “I thought the process was faster.’”

Reports like this have been pouring in from across the country. With liberal government leadership passing out contracts to their supporters, they are getting kickbacks too. Providing no follow-through or insurance that they are fulfilling their obligations, these illegals are essentially being left to their own devices. As Castejon revealed in his interview, there is a massive disconnect, and people are not getting what they always envisioned after their efforts to get here.

Given no real solutions to getting back home, organizations like Catholic Charities are cleaning up by shuffling illegals around from border states to sanctuary states. Spreading them out, they are getting money from the Biden regime for doing so. When IL decides they can’t keep them anymore, Catholic Charities is right there to pick up the next check and move them again.

The New York Post spoke to illegals who had shown up in NYC. Many of them maintained that they were told to get on the bus, with very little guidance about who was in charge, or where they would be going. This happened to send them to NYC and then happened even after they arrived. As NY Gov. Kathy Hochul hands over state funds to make illegals employable, many in NYC found themselves getting work, then suddenly being shuttled far away where it would be impossible to commute for that position.

This kind of deception is common with the liberal party, and many of their secrets are being exposed under the Biden regime. With his failed economic policies, the days of spending millions to cover up the fraud, waste, and abuse totaling in the trillions, are coming to an end quickly. Not for a lack of trying to cover it up, but rather simply no longer being able to do so.