Biden White House Christmas Tree Topples Over in Perfect Metaphor

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

In what many observers think is a perfect metaphor for the direction that America is heading with Joe Biden in the White House, the National Christmas Tree toppled over on Tuesday at about 5 p.m. The National Park Service claims that a strong gust of wind caused the tree to fall over.

The 40-foot-tall Christmas tree is normally planted in the ground, but this year, it had to be cut due to a fungal outbreak in the roots. Which, oddly enough, is another metaphor for having Joe Biden in the White House.

The tree was therefore unstable and when 45-mile-an-hour gusts of winds picked up on Tuesday evening, it succumbed to gravity. Just like Joe Biden did that time when he was riding his bike and randomly fell on the ground in front of reporters. Or every time that he used to trip and fall while trying to climb the big stairs on Air Force One. Or that time when he tripped and fell on stage and his press handlers claimed that someone had irresponsibly left a sandbag in his way.

The tree lighting ceremony is back on track to take place on Thursday, November 31st. Just when people thought they couldn’t get any more depressed about having the Bidens in the White House, Jill Biden unveiled her tacky and childish Christmas decorations for this year’s “celebration.” Meanwhile, the American people are suffering under the worst inflation since inflation has been tracked in America.

The good news is that the 40-foot-tall Norwegian spruce has been set up once again. The National Park Service now has a sophisticated series of cables holding the tree upright, much like Joe Biden himself.