Biden Strikes Again: Throws Conservative Values into the Flames

Jon Rehg /
Jon Rehg /

While Christians were busy commemorating the whole rising-from-the-dead party that is Easter, President Joe Biden, allegedly a card-carrying member of the devout Catholic club, was apparently off promoting what some are dramatically calling the “demonic ideology of transgenderism.”

Yes, you read that right. On Good Friday, Biden proclaimed March 31, 2024, which coincidentally aligned with Easter Sunday, as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Because heavens forbid, we run out of reasons to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, or as the critics love to moan, create more “faux holidays for the rainbow mob.”

In his message, Biden said, “Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans: You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You belong.” It didn’t stop there; Biden had to go one step further: “You are America and my entire Administration, and I have your back,” Biden wrote. Some say this proclamation is the equivalent of setting off a cultural apocalypse.

House Speaker Mike Johnson called it “outrageous” that Easter Sunday was proclaimed “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Johnson also said Biden betrayed the “Tenet of Easter.” Senile Joe denied doing so, clearly seeing nothing wrong with his actions. Johnson responded by calling him out on X.

Johnson, who appeared on Sean Hannity, said that it’s highly possible that Biden doesn’t even know what he’s signing.

During the show, Johnson pointed out that the proclamation incident emphasizes the contrast between the two competing visions for America in the upcoming election. He argued that the radical, leftist, and progressive vision is not in line with American values and that the majority of the country agrees with this sentiment. This understanding is what Johnson claims will result in a successful election in November.

In addition to Johnson, other top Republicans criticized the proclamation’s timing on one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar, with the Trump campaign calling for a White House apology “to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America.”

Meanwhile, White House officials and Democratic politicians were spotted doing virtual cartwheels of joy over this declaration. Not to be outdone, New York’s Governor, Kathy Hochul, practically decorated 13 state landmarks in rainbow colors.

But wait, there is even more! On the very same day of the proclamation, news broke that the Administration dared to ask children to refrain from using “religious symbols” in Easter egg designs at the “Celebrating National Guard Families” event. Cue the collective gasp. The guidelines were pretty clear: keep it secular, kids: no religious symbols, overly religious themes, or political statements.

This dear reader is supposedly part of a broader, more sinister anti-Christian agenda masterminded by Biden himself. From targeting peaceful pro-lifers to allegedly infiltrating Catholic churches with secret agents (because that’s a rational use of resources), the Administration is on a crusade against those who dare worship anything other than the government.


Remember the tragedy at a Nashville Christian school? Instead of focusing solely on the Christian victims, the narrative somehow included the shooter and the broader transgender community, according to critics. This, they argue, is because Democrats worship at the altar of transgenderism and will stop at nothing to protect its sacred dogmas from the unenlightened heathens of conservatism.


Biden’s proclamation also condemned the array of laws that Republican-led states have passed, restricting transgender people’s use of public bathrooms, participation in sports, access to transition care, and more.


The Biden administration is in the process of finalizing comprehensive regulations that will govern the way sex discrimination is handled in schools. These new rules will include additional protections for transgender students. However, sources familiar with the Administration’s plans have indicated that a separate set of regulations regarding the rights of transgender athletes will be delayed for the time being.


The majority of Americans, including a significant portion of Democrats, oppose allowing transgender athletes to compete on girls’ and women’s teams. There are 25 states that ban trans women from participating, with proponents arguing that they have a biological advantage over other women.