Biden Roasted for Saying GOP Needs to Pay Him to Protect the Border

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

By now, it’s been made clear to all of us that Joe Biden and his cronies have no real interest in solving the ongoing border crisis or even stemming the constant flow of migrants illegally crossing into the US. And yet, Biden just got caught trying to blame the GOP for why we have the problems we do.

The video was first shared by the Associated Press. In it, Biden is just returning from yet another flight on Marine One and walking toward the White House. When reporters catch up with him, one asks him about what his plans are for the “record number of migrants” at the border.

Biden’s immediate response is “We’ve got to do something. They ought to give me the money I need to protect the border.”

Wait, WHAT?

You’re telling me, after years of denying to do a single thing about border security besides opening the floodgates, hamstringing border officials, and literally inviting migrants from everywhere to enter the US, he now just needs a bit more money from the GOP-run House?

Yeah, I don’t think so.

It’s much more likely that Biden wants more money for his “humanitarian” efforts at the border, his support of human trafficking and cartels, or, of course, wants to give Ukraine more.

Meanwhile, cities all over the US are not so slowly being overrun by migrants from all over the world, and even the most robust are wholly unprepared for it.

As Fox News writer Miranda Devine noted, “It doesn’t take money to” protect the border. In fact, Biden has had all the resources he’s needed to fix the problem from the get-go.

Remember those hundreds of thousands of border wall supplies he was literally spending millions on each month just to watch them rot in the desert? Well, he’s now selling them off – and then claiming he needs more to finally finish it.

Just like his claim the GOP needs to fund border protection, this is a crock of the highest order. And everyone knows it.