Biden Energy Secretary Consulted with China Before Criticized Move

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Call me distrusting, but does anyone else find it odd that Biden’s energy secretary met with the Chinese a mere two days before the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve released millions of barrels of oil in 2021? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the Biden administration has given the CCP no small amount of influence over the White House and our energy agenda.

And I’m not the only one to think so.

Talk of such began more recently when government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust obtained Department of Energy calendars from November of 2021, Fox News reported. Found on the calendars were two separate meetings between Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and China National Energy Administration Chairman Zhang Jianhua. The first occurred on November 19, and the second on November 21.

Two days later, on the 23rd, Granholm and her colleagues announced from the White House that 50 million barrels of oil were going to be released from the SPR in an effort to bring energy prices down in the US.

According to the news release, “Energy prices at the pump and home are too high.” And so the administration said they were “taking these steps, obviously, because we have to meet the immediate need of affordable energy and protect families from further pain at the pump.”

Granholm added that Biden was “prepared to use every appropriate tool” possible to make energy more affordable for Americans.

Strangely enough, no small number of those newly released barrels of oil went to China instead of the American people.

Hmmm… that’s odd.

First, we have an unprecedented release from the SPR just days after the DOE speaks with Chinese officials, and then a good portion of that release goes to China?

As I said, it raises more questions than answers.

As Americans for Public Trust’s executive director Caitlin Sutherland says, it seems like Granholm has been doing little more than “parroting Chinese energy propaganda and insisting ‘we can all learn from what China is doing.’”

Note that these talks were supposedly about climate change, and China is one of the largest environmental abusers in the world.

Anyone else smell fish?