Awesome: Londoners Are Attacking Their Foreign Mayor’s Climate Enforcement Vans

Diana Vucane /
Diana Vucane /

In their ongoing quest to destroy Western Civilization because of global warming (which is fake), the globalists running the puppet Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, had him establish Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZs) across the city in August. If you don’t drive the right kind of car—usually a stupid electric vehicle—you will receive an automatic fine for driving into a forbidden ULEZ. Never mind the fact that none of this makes sense. Fortunately, unruly Brits are doing everything they can to destroy not only Sadiq Khan’s spy cameras but also the climate enforcement vans that are now patrolling the ULEZs.

No one in London got the chance to vote on this new global warming plan of Sadiq Khan’s. Who would? It’s insane. The idea that you are protecting the environment by limiting which part of a city someone can drive in with their car is the most anti-science thing we’ve heard since they told us that wearing masks could stop a respiratory virus. It doesn’t even make sense.

Violating Khan’s climate dictates, however, can be costly. In August, Khan declared a bunch of different areas of the city to be ULEZs. If you drive a car that doesn’t meet London’s ridiculous emissions standards, you are automatically fined £12.50 (about $16 USD) just for entering that part of town. Failure to pay the fee can result in a penalty as high as £258 (about $331). To enforce this lunacy, Khan had the city install new traffic cameras all over the place.

The cameras are Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. They take pictures of license plates and compare them against the vehicle’s make and model in real time. The city’s transportation department, Transport for London (TfL) says the cameras are for both climate enforcement and law enforcement—in case anyone misses the point.

The climate spy cameras and fines are so draconian that people in London are having hunger strikes to oppose the idea. Some are getting more creative. Unruly Brits are climbing the poles that the new cameras are attached to and disabling them. Many of the cameras have ended up at the bottom of the River Thames. The city says 351 cameras have been destroyed by the protesters, who call themselves “Blade Runners” on social media. Another 159 cameras have been removed.

In response to the democracy in action—oh, sorry… we meant to say, “in response to the vandalism,” the city has now sent climate enforcement vans into city’s ULEZs. That’s not working, either. The mobile surveillance vans are mounted with the same ANPR cameras.

A Facebook group now has more than 4,000 members who report sightings and locations of the global warming enforcers. Some of the vans are now covered in graffiti with their tires slashed. Others are completely encased in tarps, so the cameras can’t take pictures of anything in the surrounding area. The Blade Runners have promised that they won’t stop until every last one of Sadiq Khan’s climate cameras have been destroyed.

“We don’t want this,” an unidentified Blade Runner told the media. “It’s a way to try to . . . restrict our movements. F*** them. It will not happen because we haven’t done anything to deserve it.”

It’s important to stress once again that no one in London voted for this. It was simply imposed on them. The people are voting by destroying the cameras and surveillance vans. The Blade Runners are being hailed as heroes for their actions. Here’s comedian and activist Katie Hopkins to—wink, wink—absolutely not buy the cheap tools required to disable the ANPR cameras: