What is Going On with “Dark Brandon” Addition of Biden’s Campaign?

Drop of Light / shutterstock.com
Drop of Light / shutterstock.com

“Let’s Go, Brandon!” has been a popular chant around the country for over a year now. It’s one of the more polite ways to tell Joe Biden where he can go and how to get there.

It seems that Joe Biden has chosen to embrace “Brandon,” but it gets even odder. It’s a “Dark Brandon” persona that he’s embracing. It’s as if he’s chosen to become the supervillain of the US.

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden tweeted about coffee, saying, “I like my coffee dark.” That alone seems a bit odd, but the mug shows a picture of Joe Biden with glowing red eyes. If you follow the link that is included in the tweet, you can buy the coffee mug as well as other merchandise with Joe Biden’s glowing red eyes.

Do you know who else has glowing red eyes? General Zod of the Superman franchise. Anyone who has read or watched The Man of Steel knows that General Zod is not a stand-up guy. He’s an evil dictator who suffers from one hell of a case of megalomania.

And our president has chosen to embrace this character. Not Captain America. Not Superman. Biden chose to embody a supervillain. That alone should tell us everything we need to know about Biden so that we most certainly don’t fill in the bubble next to his name on the 2024 ballot.

It gets weirder than Biden’s red glowing eyes being featured on campaign-fundraising merchandise. What started out as a few internet memes have now been included in some of his real-world campaign strategies.

The Dark Brandon meme first showed up on the same day that Trump faced charges. It means that they’re using their adversary’s legal troubles for political gain. That truly makes Biden the supervillain in this story.

Will Bunnett, a part of the Clarify agency, made this comment: “The campaign didn’t initiate Dark Brandon… They’re letting people feel a connection to it.”

Exactly what connection is the political advisors on Biden’s re-election team hoping for? The only way that this can be taken is that Biden has chosen to embrace his dark side…unless we’re missing something?