Trump Jr is Banned from Fox News by “Biggest RINO Ever”

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As the 2024 primaries and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign begin to heat up, you’d think we’d be seeing more of him and his family members on media networks. But as Donald Trump Jr. says, one network doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him or the rest of the Trumps.

And he blames Paul Ryan.

If you remember, Paul Ryan was a Republican congressman from Wisconsin. He retired from office in 2019 after serving as the Speaker of the House for a number of years.

But as Trump Sr. says, he was one of the “worst” to ever hold the speaker position – the worst in our nation’s history, actually. According to him, Ryan was “a disaster” for the GOP.

Naturally, criticism like this isn’t exactly helpful to a peaceable relationship, which, as Don Jr. says, has been in a constant state of disrepair for a while now. As the younger Trump noted in a recent video posted to his Instagram account, Ryan and Trump’s relationship has been nothing but contentious for years.

This video was a response to a recent interview in which Ryan told Milwaukee’s WISN-TV that if Trump were chosen as the Republican Party nominee, he would NOT be attending the Republican convention next year in Milwaukee.

The former speaker told WISN’s Matt Smith, “I’ll be there if (the nominee is) somebody not named Trump.” He explained that he’s “not interested in participating” in part of a Trump reelection campaign. “Even in Wisconsin,” where Trump won the state by leaps and bounds both in 2016 and 2020.

Now, as Trump Jr. pointed out in his video, outside of the Beltway, no one, “literally no one,” cares whether or not Ryan likes Trump or even if he will be at the convention. After all, he’s a has been.

Inside the Beltway, however, Trump Jr. explained that Ryan still does hold a certain amount of sway. Now a big part of that is because since his political career has ended, he has been appointed to the board of directors for the Fox Corporation – as in the mothership of Fox News.

Trump Jr says this could explain a lot “about the direction and some of the content” being seen on the network. It also explains why there has been very little said or involving the entire Trump family in a while.

As the younger Trump says, he hasn’t been invited to Fox in over six months, and according to him, that has everything to do with Ryan’s sour opinion of Trump Jr.’s dad.

It would also explain why the New York Post, which is owned by News Corp, a separate Rupert Murdoch entity with ties to Fox, also hasn’t done much with Trump in recent years.

You might remember that the Post was fairly supportive of Trump in 2016 as well as during the time he occupied the Oval Office. However, the tone of the outlet seems to have become much more anti-Trump in the years since, notably when Ryan was given a seat of influence within its hierarchy.

For example, when Trump announced his most recent run for the presidency, the Post hardly made note of it at all. The only mention was a page 26 article titled “Florida Man Makes Announcement,” with a mocking second headline of “Been there, Don that.”

As Trump told Breitbart, Ryan is ruining both Fox and the New York Post with his agenda.

And thanks to the carryover of apparent disdain for all things Trump, even Trump Jr., there isn’t a lot of love left to feel for the younger Trump, either.

According to his video, Ryan isn’t only the “biggest RINO ever,” he is the reason his “America Last, war-forever garbage, fold-to-the-Democrats’ agenda” is being pushed on Fox and why the Republican Party continues to get a bad rap with media.

Then again, if Trump Sr. does actually win the nomination, which is definitely possible, Paul Ryan’s ban on all things Trump will come to a swift end.