The EU is Quietly Panicking Because They Think Joe Biden Will Lose in 2024

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It’s almost 18 months until the next election here in the US, but the European Union is already scrambling to try to sucker as much money as possible out of the American taxpayers before Joe Biden runs into a big orange brick wall. The 27-member EU is seriously worried that the unprecedented gravy train of American taxpayer cash that Joe Biden has been blindly handing them will come to an abrupt end.

While he was in office President Donald Trump famously pointed out that NATO was a pointless entity, sucking up American cash for no particular reason. He asked whether it made sense for NATO countries to start paying for their own defense since they were in no particular danger, and we were paying for everything. He forced some EU countries to start paying their own way.

Likewise, Trump didn’t play along with the Green New Deal wealth transfer scam, in which other nations take American taxpayer money and pretend they’re going to fix the weather. Another big ideological difference between Trump and Biden was that President Trump never wanted to force anyone to get a COVID shot—which was an idea that the EU was giddy over.

The Biden regime, on the other hand, is ideologically in sync with the communists running the EU. He’s been giving them money hand-over-fist, and nothing illustrates that more than the Ukraine debacle. He’s given Ukraine more than $200 billion since the start of its war with Russia, while EU countries have sent approximately $4.36 that they found in their couch cushions.

As one EU policy wonk told CNBC this week, “The EU is aware that this [cooperation] is not a given and such approach might change when there is someone like Trump in the White House again.”

So, they’re scrambling to spend as much of our money as possible before the 2024 election. They know that Joe Biden’s campaign is already doomed.