Thanks to Open Borders, the Next Pandemic May Be Leprosy 

Radu Razvan /
Radu Razvan /

The CDC has issued a report warning that leprosy is on the rise in Central Florida, further cautioning that the disease may become an endemic in the state. Central Florida’s rise in leprosy cases in 2020 accounted for 81% of reported cases in the state and one-fifth of cases in the nation. 

While the media is quick to point out Florida’s rise in reported leprosy, they are largely ignoring an increase in cases in California, Texas, and New York.  

Prior to the spotlight on Florida, experts pinpointed the spread of the disease to travelers coming into the U.S. In the light of unchecked immigration throughout border states and states affected by heavy immigrant populations, however, the CDC has a new villain to blame. 

Apparently, armadillos are responsible for spreading the biblical plague, although armadillos are not native to New York. The CDC, while now claiming that the mode of transmission isn’t widely understood, believes it is spread “locally” from person to person via droplets from coughing and sneezing. 

According to the CDC, there were 200,000 cases of leprosy reported globally. But of the 250 American cases reported in 2022, nearly all were from immigrants. With one thousand annual cases reported in South African, South Asian, and South American countries, immigrants from these affected areas potentially cause an increase in leprosy cases in the United States. 

Even Canada, a country where leprosy cases have been historically rare, expressed concern in 2022 regarding an influx of immigrants from leprosy-endemic areas.  

Other health conditions have been rising steadily as well, including TB and polio. New York’s last confirmed polio case was in 1990 until the disease affected an unvaccinated citizen of Rockland County in 2022. The Rockland man had attended a gathering several days before his polio symptoms appeared, and it’s believed that he touched contaminated water or shook hands with an infected individual. 

It’s estimated that less than 50% of illegal immigrants pouring into New York are vaccinated against polio. Additionally, many immigrants come from countries that use an ineffective oral vaccine containing the live virus, which is then shed in fecal matter. Infection spreads through sewage and unwashed hands. 

The polio strains identified in New York’s sewage matches the strains spread by the oral vaccines and matched the ones that infected the Rockland County resident.  

Even more alarming, Rockland County health commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert warns that when one paralytic polio case is undiagnosed, it means there are potentially hundreds of undiagnosed cases. She cautions that 75% of polio cases are asymptomatic, meaning that an infected person can unknowingly carry and spread the disease. 

In the fall of 2022, New York Governor Kathy Hochul issued an emergency order addressing the increased threat and spread of polio.  

But polio and leprosy aren’t New York’s only health issues. The Big Apple has more than its share of TB cases as well. With an estimated six cases per 100,000 residents, New York’s TB rate is double the national average. Predictably, nine out of ten of those infected are immigrants.  

Frontline border towns, such as those found in Texas and Florida, are facing an increase in the spread of infectious diseases as well. Texas border counties currently have triple the average rate of TB cases, and Florida faces a 21% increase in reported cases. Per the CDC, over six thousand of the 8300 confirmed cases of TB throughout 2022 were from immigrants. 

Other health issues that can potentially be spread by illegal immigrants include highly contagious diseases such as syphilis, smallpox, SARS, Ebola, and pandemic flu. 

Immigrants who lawfully apply for a visa must undergo health screenings and show proof of vaccinations. Refugees are screened for diseases such as polio, TB, and leprosy. Those entering by way of the Rio Grande and other illegal ports of entry, however, bypass the medical examination.  

The CDC, mainstream media, and Biden administration are strangely quiet on the uptick in leprosy cases, as well as polio and TB, throughout the states most affected by illegal immigration. 

It’s unclear if the spread of contagion is part of the border strategy or an unplanned benefit of it. COVID has lost its power to frighten Americans, but a biblical plague may be another story.