Sweden is Now Hell-on-Earth Thanks to Illegal Alien Gang Violence

Mehaniq / shutterstock.com
Mehaniq / shutterstock.com

Sweden used to be considered one of the nicest countries in all of Europe. It was beautiful, boring, and peaceful. That started to change in 2015 when Barack Obama convinced German Chancellor Angela Merkel that peaceful and beautiful countries in Europe had just too damned many white people in them. As a consequence of Merkel’s “leadership,” Sweden is now a country where it’s no longer safe for Westerners to visit.

Merkel, who is a childless hag and therefore never actually thinks through the long-term consequences of public policy, agreed with Obama. Thanks to that ill-fated decision, Merkel convinced most countries in the EU to throw open the floodgates to mass immigration from the Third World.

If you travel to Sweden today, it’s not even safe to visit the suburbs. That’s according to the BBC, which can rarely be bothered to report the truth about the effects of mass immigration.

Starting back in 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, was forced to open the first-of-its-kind rape clinic in the entire world for men and boys. It was no longer safe for a single man or boy to walk around in Stockholm after dark since feral packs of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa would tackle them and sodomize them in the most brutal fashion.

Since January of this year, the Stockholm suburb of Upplands-Bro has seen multiple shootings and bombings. A 14-year-old boy was found shot dead in a wooded area of the suburb. Criminal gangs led by Turks and Serbians often battle it out in the streets. They bomb the homes of family members of rival gangs.

Liberals like to point to Europe to claim that shootings never happen there and claim that gun control totally works. Tell that to the people of Stockholm, where at least 50 people have been dying in gangland shootings every year.

This is what’s coming to America in the next few years, thanks to Joe Biden. Gang warfare in the streets, massive increases in shooting deaths, and gang rape. Please vote accordingly in the 2024 election.