Somali Pirates Back in Action Due to Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures

Mouhamed Abass /
Mouhamed Abass /

Most people realize that the world has been plunged into chaos due to Joe Biden’s foreign policy ineptitude. But how bad is it really? We’ll tell you how bad. Somali pirates are back in action hijacking ships off the coast of Africa, and this is entirely because of Joe Biden’s blunders with the Houthis in the Red Sea.

It’s been years since Somali pirates dared to attempt a high-seas hijacking in the Indian Ocean. Last week, a cargo ship with 23 Bangladeshi crewmembers on board was hijacked off the coast of Somalia. The MV Abdullah was carrying 55,000 tons of coal from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates when the pirates seized it.

As the pirates were taking over the ship, crew members placed frantic phone calls to their loved ones. In one message, a man was apologizing to his wife when the line cut out. Another message stated that the pirates would kill the crew one by one unless a ransom were paid.

The last time that Somali pirates successfully hijacked a ship was in 2017, before the previous administration beefed up Navy patrols off the coast. Hey, does anyone remember who was president when Somali piracy was ended? It was in 2017. It’s been so long, who can remember anything from that far back?

The important thing to know is that with Joe Biden now in office, the ride-or-die Somali pirates are back in action.

Since the Houthis in Yemen have been launching attacks against ships in the Red Sea, Navy ships have been diverted away from Somalia, creating a security vacuum. Billions of dollars in transnational shipping cargo are now at risk because Joe Biden can’t seem to do anything right.