Smoking Gun Uncovered in NYC Where Officials Want to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote

Simone Hogan /
Simone Hogan /

A GOP Congresswoman has uncovered proof that New York City is attempting to register the city’s influx of illegal aliens to vote in the 2024 elections. For all of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s tough talk about needing to get the illegal aliens out of the city, it looks like he is taking great advantage of the Democrat Party’s Great Replacement policy. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) uncovered what she calls “smoking gun” evidence of this plot against American voters, in a contract between the city and the non-profit group Homes for Homeless.

Malliotakis and four other Republicans from Staten Island received a copy of the city’s secret contract with Homes for Homeless (HFH). This is the same group that recently won over the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere by kicking elderly veterans out of their homes without notice, in order to make room for illegal alien criminals who breached the sovereignty of our national borders.

Rep. Malliotakis obtained a copy of the contract through New York’s Freedom of Information Law. It’s not the sort of thing that Mayor Adams would have otherwise told his constituents about, since he’s had protesters show up at his house to voice their displeasure about the illegals. According to Malliotakis, page 50 of the contract details how HFH “shall provide and distribute voter registration forms to all persons.”

HFH is a group that deals with the homeless and all of the illegal aliens are homeless. Therefore, HFH is distributing voter registration forms to these criminals, in direct violation of New York State law and federal law. New York City instructs HFH to distribute voter registration forms in Chinese and Spanish, since none of the cradle-to-grave welfare cases that Joe Biden has let into the country can speak English.

HFH is also instructed in the contract that it “shall not inquire about a client or potential client’s immigration status.” If you don’t ask, then it’s not really treason!

The New York City Council overwhelmingly passed a measure back in 2021 that would allow illegal aliens and green card holders to vote in local elections. However, the New York Supreme Court issued a permanent injunction against the measure, because it is insane.

New York State Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo asked reporters, “What’s the first thing they’re going to vote for? Better hotel rooms? How do they even understand the American system of government?”

The answer, of course, is that they don’t understand the American system of government at all. That’s not the point. The point is winning permanent hegemonic control of America under a one-party communist system with the Democrats in charge. And technically, the first thing they would vote for would be Joe Biden.

Thanks to Biden’s dismal economy and the massive influx of illegal aliens that is ruining the quality of life in all 50 states, Donald Trump is now only 7 points behind Biden in the polls in New York. That’s striking distance, and Trump could become the first Republican to win New York in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan.

That won’t happen, however, if New York is unlawfully registering illegal aliens to vote in our elections. This is not a small answer.

Ask any person who should be allowed to decide the future of American children and grandchildren: Americans, or foreign criminals who don’t even speak English? Any sane person who cares about the country and their own family would answer Americans, emphatically and obviously. But we’re no longer dealing with a political party that cares about America, or the future that our children and grandchildren will have to live with.