Of Course, AOC is Triggered by Jesus Super Bowl Commercials

James Andrews1 / shutterstock.com
James Andrews1 / shutterstock.com

If you’re like a good portion of the nation, part of the reason you watch the Super Bowl every year is because of the commercials. Or at least that must be why New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez watches. But this year, one of them, one devoted to showing the love of Jesus Christ, must have been rather triggering for her.

Yes, you read that right. Of all the things that one could have a problem with about the Super Bowl, and AOC chooses a Christian commercial. Indeed, she didn’t like it so much that she even compared it to fascism on her Twitter account.

If you didn’t watch what many call the most important game of the year, you missed two commercials put out by the Christian organization He Gets Us. The organization, dedicated to “reintroduce(ing) people to Jesus,” has had a series of similar commercials aired on cable networks over the past few months, all aimed at simply showing the love of Jesus and how that love can exist in everyday life here and now.

The two newer ones seen during the Super Bowl were no different.

The first, a very coveted 60-second commercial, showed image after image of protesting, fighting, and people just not getting along for various reasons. After quite a few of these came the words, “Jesus loved the people we hate.”

Naturally, it was meant to be a reminder to all of us that the infighting, the offenses taken, the rioting, and the hate that we’ve seen in the last couple of years are not how Jesus would have handled things. And so, neither is it how we should be acting.

The next commercial, a 30-second one, featured videos of children. They were playing; they were having fun; they were loving. The words “If I Could See The World Through the Eyes Of A Child” by Patsy Cline were heard along with the adorable scenes.

Again, it was a reminder that Jesus blessed children and encouraged those around him to be more “child-like” in their faith, as children often have a way of seeing the best in people even if others might not think them worthy of it.

But apparently, AOC didn’t think these were wise opinions to have or share. Neither did she believe that Jesus would approve of them.

She wrote, “Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign.”

As you can imagine, AOC’s main problem with the commercials is that, yes, millions were spent on them. According to USA Today, the two highly coveted commercial slots cost He Gets Us about $7 million to air.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, AOC is a socialist, believing that capitalism is wrong and a form of fascism. So naturally, anything that has to do with spending money, making profits, or encouraging the free economy that America is known for is a bad thing – even if, in doing so, they are also spreading the love of Christ and encouraging unity.

Of course, that latter part is what really matters. As He Gets Us spokesperson, Jason Vanderground told the Daily Caller News Foundation, both ads were simply designed to convey a message that “points to the behavior Jesus modeled in relationship and conflict.”

He explained that there was much hate being shown in Jesus’ time on Earth as well. And yet, he never responded in kind. He didn’t turn to anger, but neither did he avoid conflicts. Instead, he showed it was possible to demonstrate love and respect as well as get your point across.

And that is the goal of the two commercials shown during the Super Bowl, well, of all of their commercials, really. To remind us that love and forgiveness are the answer, not hate and division.

Clearly, AOC would rather us all be consumed with the latter.