Mermaid Washes Up on Australian Beach

Alex Pix /
Alex Pix /

First reported by Australian outlet News 18, the discovery on July 5th on an Australian beach has left ocean goers and scientists mystified. Images of the discovery circulated multiple Marine Biology groups on Facebook.

Multiple users were identifying it as a mermaid, with limited comments claiming it was most likely a cetacean.

Bobbi-lee Oates posted the images and was the first person to discover the mermaid on a Keppel Sands, Queensland beach.

“It was exactly like a mermaid shape. We were driving along the beach looking for a campsite, and we couldn’t help but notice how much the skull looked like the shape of a human’s. So we instantly stopped from the confusion as to what the hell this could be, and why does it look like a human skull,” he wrote.

Asserting that the creature was roughly six feet long, he believes the initial mermaid assessment is likely the right answer.

“It had a human-shaped skull with an elongated jawline, and hair similar to the color of a cow or kangaroo, but with hair missing in many places due to decomposition. It was extremely like a mermaid shape, but hairy, because it seemed to have a tail or a limb of some sort.”

With no definitive answer yet given, Oates, as well as anyone who has seen the images, is stuck scratching their heads. This is a complicated situation and one that will take intensive research to be able to come up with a conclusive answer.

It certainly lends credibility to the fact that we don’t always know what’s joining us in the water, and it needs to be explored.