Joe’s Team Blame GOP for Record Border Chaos, Really?

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Back in January, Biden had the audacity to blame the GOP for the border chaos. What’s worse is that his outlook hasn’t changed. It’s why Mayorkas continues to sit back and do nothing. It’s not their fault; therefore, they’re not going to clean up any of the mess.

Let that sink in.

This is even as Democrats controlled the federal government, including both chambers of Congress, for most of the time the chaos has been happening.

The White House Administration broke a record for the number of illegal aliens that were engaged at the U.S.-Mexico border every month this year.

In August, it’s estimated that 164,000 individuals crossed the border. For September and October, it was closer to 8,000 PER DAY.

“Of course, the numbers will be higher when Republican elected officials, like smugglers, falsely proclaim the border is open because of a court order to lift Title 42,” one administration official claimed to Fox News.

So the GOP is like “smugglers” now.

The Biden Administration has seen 10 straight months of more than 200,000 illegal alien encounters per month on the southern border.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted, “A reminder, there have been approximately 1.2 million known gotaways at the southern border since President Biden took office.” He also noted that those were only the “known” gotaways — and that was back in January. It’s been considerably more since then.

Another official called what Biden is doing a “catastrophic crisis.”

Yet, the White House is saying Republicans are acting like “smugglers.”

“I think that’s going to be the new normal, this current high level seems to be the baseline and it’s changing quickly. It could go up to 10,000 migrants.”

This is from the director of defense oversight for Washington on Latin America (WOLA), a nonprofit advocacy organization, Adam Isacson.

Do we really want this as the new normal? Absolutely not. But for anything to be done about it, we need Mayorkas and Biden to a) admit that there’s a problem and b) stop blaming the Republicans. They’ve been in charge long enough to stop the bleeding. Instead, they’re prepared to let the US bleed out.