Is Someone Leaking Supreme Court Decisions to the Biden White House Ahead of Time?

Tennessee Witney /
Tennessee Witney /

On Tuesday of last week, Joe Biden signed a weirdly specific executive order to shield the illegal alien spouses of American citizens from deportation, even if the illegal alien is a criminal convicted of horrific crimes. The executive order was poorly written and seemed to have come out of nowhere. Three days later, the US Supreme Court issued a major ruling that said the opposite of the Biden executive order. Court observers noted the odd timing and think there is another Supreme Court leaker providing information on decisions to the Biden regime.

The Supreme Court case was Department of State v. Muñoz. An American woman named Sandra Muñoz married an illegal alien from El Salvador named Luis Asencio-Cordero. Mr. Asencio-Cordero is a known member of MS-13, the Satan-worshipping international criminal organization that chops its victims up with machetes.

Great catch, Ms. Muñoz! Your mom and dad must be proud!

They got married in 2010, and the couple applied for an immigrant visa so they could live together in the US. Ms. Muñoz filed a petition with U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to have her dreamboat of a new husband classified as an immediate relative. The petition was granted, so Asencio-Cordero went to San Salvador to apply for a visa.

Needless to say, the consular officer in San Salvador was unimpressed with Asencio-Cordero’s face tattoos and his claims that he’s no longer a devil-worshipping MS-13 assassin. Consular officers are allowed under US immigration laws to deny visas to foreigners if the officer knows or suspects that the foreigner wants to come to America to engage in criminal activity.

The lovebirds appealed the decision to the US Department of State. In a rare instance of America’s immigration laws being applied exactly as they’re written, the State Department denied Asencio-Cordero’s appeal. So, Ms. Muñoz and her hubby sued the State Department on the grounds that it was limiting her constitutional liberties by not allowing her husband—a known murderer who belongs to an international criminal organization—to move into your neighborhood.

In a 6-3 ruling last week, the Supreme Court decided that an American citizen does not have a fundamental liberty interest in their non-citizen spouse being allowed into the country.

One particular line in the ruling flies in the face of Joe Biden’s entire immigration policy. The court wrote, “From this Nation’s beginnings, the admission of noncitizens into this country was characterized as ‘of favor [and] not right’.”

Three days before that ruling, however, Joe Biden signed a weirdly specific executive order that seeks to shield illegal alien spouses from deportation. Under the executive order, illegal alien spouses don’t have to leave the country and then apply for a visa—which is what the actual law on the books requires. CNN estimated that Biden’s executive order would protect as many as 500,000 illegal alien criminals from deportation.

It’s the most sweeping election-year amnesty for illegal aliens since Obama created the DACA program out of thin air to help with his 2012 reelection.

It seems clear that the Biden White House found out about the Supreme Court ahead of time and tried to pre-empt its decision with a hastily written executive order. The question now is whether federal agencies will obey a Supreme Court order or whether the Biden regime has become such a pack of criminals that they’ll ignore it. The Supreme Court also needs to track down the leaker and immediately fire them.