Insane Video: A Minnesota Dam is in ‘Imminent Failure Condition’ and Set to Collapse

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When you see the incredible video below, you might ask yourself what the government did with all that money in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that Joe Biden signed into law last year. Surely Pete Buttigieg didn’t spend it all by pointing out the names of racist roads? It doesn’t look like any of the money was spent in Minnesota, where a century-old gravity dam is now on the verge of a catastrophic collapse.

The Rapidan Dam crosses the Blue Earth River in Minnesota, about ten miles southwest of Mankato. Debris build-up on the western side of the dam has caused water to begin spilling over the top, which is washing away the banks along the riverside below the dam.

The situation is so dire that the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office has issued a public alert, saying the dam is in “imminent failure condition.” Fortunately, the dam is in a fairly rural part of the state. That’s probably not much comfort to the people whose homes and farms are about to be wiped out when the dam inevitably collapses.

An assessment of the 114-year-old dam in 2021 revealed that it would require costly repairs or total replacement within a few years, otherwise the state could face tremendous liability when it falls. It looks like that assessment was correct.

This is yet another illustration of how Congress wastes taxpayer money on things like Volodymyr Zelensky’s monthly allowance and endless foreign wars, while our infrastructure here at home falls apart.

Watch this insane video of the Rapidan Dam. This thing could collapse any day now: