Putin’s North Korean Alliance Begins a Disturbing Chain of Events 

Efasein / shutterstock.com
Efasein / shutterstock.com

Americans must pay close attention to Russia’s emerging alliances with our enemies. These deals are more terrifying than anything we’ve faced yet, and with Biden asleep at the wheel, the threat of WWIII has never been more imminent than it is right now. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a deal with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on Wednesday, which includes a mutual defense pledge. This marks one of Russia’s most significant actions in Asia in years, with Kim describing it as forming an “alliance.” Putin’s commitment represents a significant shift in Russia’s approach to North Korea since the Soviet era, at a time when the United States and its Asian allies are monitoring how far Russia might increase support for the only country to have conducted nuclear tests in this century. 

During his first visit to Pyongyang since July 2000, Putin directly connected Russia’s strengthening relationship with North Korea to Western backing for Ukraine and suggested Moscow could engage in military and technical cooperation with Pyongyang.  

Following their discussions, they signed a “comprehensive strategic partnership” agreement, which Putin stated involves a mutual defense clause in case of aggression against either nation. In addition, Putin said, Russia could enter into a “military-technical cooperation” with North Korea. 

While the exact language of the deal hasn’t been released, experts caution that it represents a shift in Northeast Asia’s strategic balance by placing Russia’s power behind North Korea. Putin’s efforts to cultivate a relationship with Kim, which have involved giving gifts like limousines and highlighting Russia’s space launch center, have raised concerns among the United States and its Asian allies. A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department emphasized that increasing cooperation between Russia and North Korea is troubling for those interested in preserving peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. 

At the beginning of their summit, Kim declared complete backing for all of Russia’s policies, including offering firm alliance and unconditional support for Putin’s conflict with Ukraine. Putin, in turn, characterized Russia’s actions as a defense against what he described as the hegemonic and imperialist policies of the United States and its allies, as reported by Russian media. Putin thanked Kim for his steadfast support of Russian policies, particularly concerning Ukraine, amid the West imposing what they claim are the most severe sanctions ever following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

From there, the new couple went on the world’s most terrifying date night. Following their discussions, Putin chauffeured Kim in a luxurious Russian limousine. They then swapped roles, with Kim taking the wheel and driving Putin. Afterward, they attended a concert together. 

Putin also visited Vietnam to strengthen ties during his whirlwind tour of Asia. Putin was honored with a 21-gun salute during a military ceremony in Hanoi. He received a hero’s welcome in Vietnam, culminating in 11 pacts between Vietnam and Russia. The pacts covered many issues, including education, oil, gas, and nuclear science. 

Vietnam faced criticism from the United States, which recently strengthened diplomatic ties with Hanoi and is Vietnam’s largest export market, as well as from the European Union, for hosting Putin. A statement from the U.S. embassy this week emphasized that no country should provide a platform for Putin to promote Russia’s actions in Ukraine. 

While Putin seems to be setting some alarming puzzle pieces on the table, South Korea is taking a stand against the new alliance between Russia and North Korea. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s office released a statement denouncing the agreement, describing it as a danger to South Korea’s security and a breach of U.N. Security Council resolutions.  

Yoon Suk Yeol cautioned that the deal could harm Seoul’s relationship with Moscow and, perhaps the most alarming revelation yet, South Korea has indicated that it might send arms to Ukraine. South Korea, an increasingly prominent arms exporter with a strong military supported by the United States, has offered Ukraine humanitarian aid and other assistance. It has also joined economic sanctions led by the U.S. against Moscow. However, South Korea has refrained from directly supplying weapons to Kyiv, citing a longstanding policy of not arming countries involved in active conflicts. 

As World War III looms across the horizon, it’s terrifying to think that the world’s future relies on two madmen and a doddering US president who cannot recall the names of the key players in the game. As the world hurtles towards the precipice, a few mean tweets from a newly reelected Donald Trump would be a small price to pay for global stability.