IRS Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Audit More White People

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On Friday, the IRS announced that it was going to use artificial intelligence (AI) to begin auditing more white people, thus sparing minority groups the indignity of audits which are obviously systemic racism whenever it happens to them. Naturally, the IRS didn’t say directly that it was going to audit more white people. It was couched in the 2023 vernacular.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel announced that the agency was going to use AI to promote “equity” in audits. Werfel calls the changes “sweeping” and “historic.” He adds that this is really about cracking down on tax evasion (among white people) while sparing minorities from the possibility of auditing, which he calls “a deep respect for taxpayer rights.”

The overhaul of using AI to audit more white people comes on the heels of Congress paying for an $80 billion increase in IRS funding last year. That was in the Inflation Reduction Act, which careful observers might note has not and will not do anything to reduce inflation. Instead, the act spent hundreds of billions of dollars on climate change, which isn’t even real.

The goal of the $80 billion budget expansion, which congressional Republicans voted for before they realized how much their own base hated the idea, is simply to increase government revenue through more audits. Everyone knows what this really is, though. The IRS will use the increased funds for audits to target more middle-class Americans since they’re the only ones who pay taxes.

Plus, since the AI is going to be used to “promote equity,’ everyone knows what that means. The AI will be singling people out for race in order to hold fewer audits of non-whites while increasing the number of audits of white people.