Former White House Doc Warns of Biden’s Rapidly Declining Cognitive Abilities, “This is Going to Get Worse” 

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

Overwhelmingly, voters believe President Joe Biden is too old for a second term. No matter how the left sugarcoats the news, it doesn’t look good for the Biden campaign. An October Monmouth University poll revealed that 76% of voters think it’s time for the President to step aside. 

And the bad news stretches across the party divide. A September CNN poll found that 56% of Democrats feel Biden is too old to hold a second term, and 60% of Democrats feel he will be unable to win reelection if he clinches the nomination.  

As the left continues to downplay the president’s cognitive decline, experts have been warning that his slow, sad slide into dementia is worsening. Representative. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, is a former White House physician who served under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations, and his predictions are chilling. 

Sitting down for an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” guest anchor Sean Duffy, Jackson warned that Biden’s decline is happening quickly.  

Jackson highlighted his prior experience serving as the White House physician, noting that he understands even more than most that holding the presidency is an exceptionally challenging and taxing responsibility, both mentally and physically. “This man can’t do the job. He’s proven to us every single day that he can’t do the job, but this is going to get worse.” 

And it’s not just a few stumbles on stage or moments of confusion that have Jackson worried. He sees the president’s cognitive decline as dangerous to the country’s safety and security. He points to escalating global tensions, the abysmal economy, and the threats at the southern border as proof that Biden’s declining mental and physical health are negatively impacting the nation’s safety and security. 

Jackson compares the Biden presidency to former President Donald Trump’s, observing that the nation’s allies no longer trust America and her enemies no longer fear her. He lays the blame squarely at Biden’s feet, insisting that the current president “is not physically and cognitively fit for office anymore” and is incapable of providing strong leadership “even if he wanted to.” 

It’s not the first time Jackson has expressed his concern over Biden’s mental decline. He noted that Biden’s cognitive abilities were questionable even before the 2020 election. Jackson expressed grave concern over how rapidly Biden’s mental acuity has been declining since his election and has advocated for the president to take a cognitive test ahead of 2024. 

Recent polls, like one conducted by NBC News, reveal a decline in Biden’s support among Generation Z voters, a historically vital and reliable bloc for the Democratic Party. Trump leads by four points among registered voters aged 18-34, with young voters expressing that the president is “out of touch” with their concerns. 

Trump is using Biden’s deteriorating physical and mental health as a platform for his campaign. His physician, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, recently released a glowing medical report revealing that the 77-year-old former president is in good health.  

According to Aronwald, Trump’s physical and cognitive exams fell well within normal ranges. The report also highlighted exceptional cognitive performance, normal cardiovascular studies, negative cancer screenings, and a significant weight reduction achieved through an improved diet and regular physical activity.  

Recent polls indicate that most voters perceive Biden as too old for a second term, with only 48% expressing similar concerns about former President Trump. A substantial 90% of Republicans see Biden’s age as a significant factor, while only 23% express those same concerns about Trump’s age. Conversely, 64% of Democrats believe that Trump is too old to run for reelection.  

Jackson suggests that someone in Biden’s “inner circle” needs to step up to the plate and block Biden’s reelection campaign, but a suitable replacement has yet to be named.  

Biden, who just celebrated his 81st birthday, is the oldest president in United States history. Should he win reelection, he would be 86 at the end of his second term. With 51 years of substandard performance in Congress and the Oval Office, maybe it’s time for Biden to take a much-needed rest and swap his “pollical future” for some Jell-o and a nap.