Disney Gets Hit with Major Competitor Announcement on 100th Birthday

eafaru / shutterstock.com
eafaru / shutterstock.com

We all know that the Walt Disney Company is far from what it was created to be. Thankfully, they won’t be the only team to put out children’s shows and films anymore.

A new children’s entertainment platform has just been created. And unlike Disney, its goal is simple: to offer wholesome, morally acceptable, and family-friendly entertainment.

It was announced on Monday by Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing, which was also the 100th anniversary of the monolith known as Disney.

According to Boreing, it would be hard not to see the disaster that Disney has become in recent years. While it still boasts the greatest library of content in history, it has long forgotten its purpose of simply entertaining kids.

Due to that, more and more parents and family are turning their back on Disney and the films, shows, and characters that all seem to push woke, left-leaning ideals on our youth.

So Boreing wants to offer an alternative, known as “Bentkey.” As Boring says, it’s a “brand new company from the Daily Wire that makes good on our commitment to bring high-quality kids entertainment that never insults the values of everyday Americans.”

Wow, won’t that be a welcome change?

But wait… There’s more.

In addition to announcing the new company, Boreing also introduced one of Bentkey’s first projects, a non-woke, live-action version of the classic Snow White.

The CEO noted that in recent years, Disney has become more of a “political organization” than anything else, and their newest version of Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler, proves that. In describing her role in the film, Zegler harshly criticized such things as “true love” and being “saved by the Prince.”

To counter such woke ideals, Bentkey’s version will restore the magic and beauty of the original Grimm’s fairy tale. You know, the story that keeps the traditions and messaging of “love, friendship, and kindness.”

The new film is set to be released in 2024 and will star The Daily Wire’s own Brett Cooper.