Could a Kennedy Be the One to Take Biden Down?

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There’s been a lot of talk about Joe Biden stepping down out of the 2024 Democratic primaries. This could be a result of his age, his health, or simply because of his low approval ratings.

That means that we have to be realistic about who COULD be on the ticket. Robert Kennedy Jr is currently seen as a long-shot presidential candidate, but let’s be real – he is a Kennedy, and that has been a long-standing influential family for the Democratic Party.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is the nephew of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president who was assassinated. He’s a 69-year-old who is an environmental lawyer and who is married to actress Cheryl Hines.

We’ve seen worse candidates, and one of them regularly sits in the Oval Office.

Kennedy was recently on Twitter in an audio chat with Musk. He participated in a chat for close to two hours, where he also spoke with Tulsi Gabbard and others. He talked about being a vaccine skeptic and talked about some of the conspiracy theories out there.

What’s unique is that he’s actually got quite a few right-wing thoughts. Why is this important? It means that he might be willing to cross the line more often than Biden has been willing to do. Even though Biden talked a big game about unity, it’s been a lie.

Kennedy spoke about the southern border and wanted to travel down there himself to “try to formulate policies that will seal the border permanently.”

And when it comes to drugs and mass shootings, he commented that “Prior to the introduction of Prozac, we had almost none of these events in our country and we’ve never seen them in human history, where people walk into a schoolroom of children or strangers and start shooting people.”

These are all issues that are being addressed more like a Republican than a Democrat. However, because he would be on the Democratic ticket, he’d likely pick up the votes from those who simply can’t bare to vote to see Biden and Harris for another four years.

Kennedy’s campaign is growing – and he’s estimated that he has a staff of about 50. If he can hold on, it may even prod Biden into dropping out.

It could be good news all around, especially depending on how the GOP primaries end up sorting themselves out.

At best, we can hope for Kennedy to at least take Biden off the General Election ballot.