Climate Czar John Kerry Says You’d Feel Better about the War if Russia Reduced Its Emissions

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What planet are these climate zealots from, anyway? These people are so shameless that they will literally say anything to try to dupe people into joining their weird weather cult. In a recent speech, Joe Biden’s “climate czar” (whatever that is) John Kerry stated that you would feel better about the war between Russia and Ukraine if only Russia would do more to reduce its emissions.

What does that even mean?

If only Russia’s government had a bunch of unaccountable climate kooks as our government does, we would all feel better that Congress stole $200 billion from the American taxpayers—during an economic depression—and gave it to a foreign country for a war that has nothing to do with us. Is that really what he’s saying?

Many of us feel terrible because Joe Biden has gotten an unknown number of American special forces soldiers killed in Ukraine while denying that the troops are even there. If only Russia would reduce its greenhouse gases, we’d feel better about it!

A cynical person might notice that the diversity, equity, and inclusion people in the Biden regime who are always talking about eliminating white people have now gotten half a million white people killed in a pointless war that didn’t need to happen. But we’d feel better about that if Vladimir Putin suddenly issued an electric car mandate!

Shame is simply nonexistent for these people in the fake global warming industry. It’s hard to believe that John Kerry actually said this out loud, but he did. Here’s the video proof: