Biden HHS Forces All Employees to Use Gender Identity Pronouns or Else

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Employees at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) received a new mandate from their higher-ups a few days ago. The hateful and intolerant practice of referring to transgender HHS employees by their obvious gender will no longer be tolerated. Because that’s tolerance! Going forward, all employees are now forced to refer to their mentally ill co-workers by their preferred gender pronouns in defiance of biological reality and their own lying eyes.

The new HHS guidance forces approximately 80,000 employees to play along with Secretary Richard Levine’s mental illness. Richard, who was born a biological male and who will always be a biological male, prefers to be called “Rachel,” and he wants everyone to use she/her pronouns when addressing him.

Since we don’t work at HHS, we refuse. We don’t want to call him Rachel. We don’t even want to call him Richard. We prefer to call him “Dick,” since it’s more informal and seems oddly appropriate.

All employees at HHS got a memo last week on their new mandatory Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination Guidance. The memo explains the brand-new “employee rights and protections related to gender identity” that they simply made up out of thin air. Roger Severino, who works at the Heritage Foundation, posted a screenshot of the memo on Twitter:

Oh. Whoops. We meant to say that Severino posted it on “X.” We forgot that Twitter transitioned. It’s getting so hard to keep track of all these dumb rules.

The memo scolds all HHS workers, “All employees should be addressed [by] the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves.”

You know this is all fake, right? Congress never passed a law saying that federal employees have to play along with the psychopathic hallucinations of crazy people. These new “rules” were simply made up by the woke social justice warriors at HHS and they’re going to try to force everyone to live by those rules. Woe unto you if you cross them.

It’s amazing how the standards change when a Republican is not in the White House. The entire progressive left howled for four years that it was illegal, immoral, and downright evil for Donald Trump to even think about firing a single federal employee. We’d hear nothing but endless bleating about what a faithful public servant a person was if Trump fired them.

But now that Joe Biden is in office, what do you think would happen if an HHS employee referred to “Rachel” as He-Man, or Big Dick Levine? About eleven seconds later, that employee would be clearing out their desk with a security guard hovering nearby, waiting to escort them out of the building. They’d be fired so fast for breaking the fake fairytale HHS rule that was forced on everyone without even going through a public comment period.

Roger Severino says there is an agenda behind this, and it’s an obvious one.

“It absolutely will [lead to targeting Christians] because the [Biden] administration has made it abundantly clear that it prioritizes gender ideology over free speech and religious freedom rights,” says Severino.

Just as Joe Biden used a vaccine mandate to drive Christians out of the military, he will use a pronoun mandate to drive Christians out of HHS. This is an obvious violation of the First Amendment rights of Christians and mentally healthy people because it forces them to state and affirm an obvious falsehood. Hopefully, there are some employees at HHS that are already lawyering up in anticipation of suing to overturn this insane rule.